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The Best Of Boston Is The Best Of Northeast America

Boston or baahstun, as the locals might say it,  is synonymous with Hollywood film. It’s rough and tumble, yet the gruff and humble tone and attitudes are known the world over. From the humble beginnings of almost the entire city being working class, to what is it now; a high-rise motivated city chasing after the power of the dollar and hunger to be acknowledged for its political importance. The academic institutions churn out modern art and architectural ideas that the northeast of America fends off on a daily basis. You may not know this, but Boston is actually a coastal city, and the largest and the capital city of the state of Massachusetts. It was used by the British as their way into North America because the port was so open and large enough for many trading ships to dock safely. There’s so much to do, the only question you’re going to be asking is will you have enough time to do ten percent of it.

Photo by – noaanews

Whale watching

Right off the bat, you should know that if you’ve got orca whale watching as part of the list of activities, you’re going to need a bigger boat. Looking for whales is something that requires a hunter’s patience and nerves of steel. Boat tours are given to tourists who want to see these beautiful but deadly creatures up close and personal. The watching session lasts up to 3 hours as it takes time to go over the safety precautions, speed out a little further into the Atlantic Ocean but still be within land and have enough time to get back again. But it’s something you don’t want to miss. The East Coast’s most famous whale watching destination, Boston has a traffic flow of humpback, finback, minke and orca whales glide effortlessly by as they look for food and warmer waters.

Source – Rob Young

Oldie but a goldie

Ireland is from where they hail, and they’re funny, friendly and pale. The Olde Towne, despite its name, is not one of those places which refused to go with the times leaving you to stand there wondering why. The show ‘Cheers’ was filmed in a real bar and that bar is still active, serving pints of Guinness and traditional British pub finger food. A Boston charter bus service is definitely one way to get around in comfort and luxury. The choice of a limo, or high-class motor coach ride around the district sightseeing and restaurants takes all the stress of the tourist rush out of your trip and plants your needs first; a great alternative to the hop on, hop off bus tours.

Surprise surprise  

Although the roots of the city are overtly Irish, Italian immigrants settled in Boston in the early 20th century, around one hundred years or so after their former. Explore the old neighborhoods which were once ghettos, but now have morphed into authentic Sicilian and Southern Italian food. It’s not quite thin crust, and it’s not really deep dish pizza, it’s unique in the fact that it takes inspiration from its neighbor’s food culture of bar food in New Jersey. The pizza has thick meat toppings, the base is thing, but the crust is thick and crunchy. Just like the people, it’s a modern twist but has a hint of the old school. You may have trouble even picturing it, but yes, Boston has a thriving pizza scene.


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