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Keeping The Kids Entertained On Vacation

A vacation is always a welcome break to the stresses and hard work of everyday life – but when you’re a mom, the hard work doesn’t completely stop there. Going on vacation with your kids is great, there are some many things that you can do and see that you will live, and that are amazing experiences for them too. The things that they can learn and see through visiting different parts of the country, and of the world, can be invaluable to them – and some amazing memories for all of you. However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Kids are hard work, and never more so when they’re bored. You might be perfectly content spending a few hours lazing on the beach, but your kids will have other things in mind. So here are some tips on how to keep them occupied while on vacation.

Day clubs

Most places you go with have some version of a day club, they often happen within the company you have booked your vacation with. The idea is that you can book your kids in for a day of fun and activities with groups like Fitness by the Sea and you can go off and do some grown up things. If you’re going through a company, look at reviews and ask to see safety guidelines and procedures. These groups will be perfectly safe, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your babies.

Activities and games

Take some games with you – and not just ones on your phone or tablet. Yes travel scribble takes up valuable luggage space, however it’s a game you can play together and will keep them happy for far longer. You can even teach them some of your old favourites. Undoubtedly there will be a day of terrible weather, so best be prepared with some indoor games to occupy your little bundles of endless energy. You can also pack some coloring books and activity books they can enjoy and share while flying. If you want some electrical help, then look at apps that they can play together.

Day trips

Don’t just stay in the one area – you will run out of this to see pretty quickly. Look for adventure parks, water parks, zoos and aquariums. There will always be some amazing places to go for the day and enjoy doing something fun and exciting. And, with any luck, you will tire them out enough for a lie in and a lazy morning the day after.

Give them choices. Let them decide on some activities. If they each pick a day trip for at some point during the vacation, or even have to work together to decide on somewhere to go, you can hold it over their heads for good behaviour. Joking! But it is something for them to look forward too and should hopefully help them to see that this vacation isn’t just about them having fun, but you having fun too. A day at the beach is a nice exchange for one spent at Lego Land.

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