Travel is Still a Thing And a Road Trip May Be a Great Option

As things begin to slowly open up again, people are gradually turning to thoughts of travel. Travel advisories are still in place and to some extent will be around for a while. The fact is, travel has changed, and travellers are changing their plans. But travel is still a thing and a road rip may be a great option.

Here are the top things you should consider if you’re getting bitten by the travel bug.

Most leisure travel this year will be by car, not plane. It’s simpler, safer and takes you to an area that is most certainly travel approved: your backyard.

Local destinations are upping their game when it comes to attracting travelers within that road-trip distance. Specials for “staycations” have already begun, and marketing that once focused on attracting visitors from other countries to visit YOUR landmarks are now focusing on you. Research those cool destinations that are within an eight to twelve-hour drive away, there are deals and fun to be found, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Your vehicle (or a rental) give you the opportunity to bring the comforts of home with you! Coolers, board games, pillows, folding chairs, camera equipment, portable barbeques and more can be brought along without extra luggage fees, allowing you to enjoy the journey in more ways than usual.

This is a great chance for foodies! Just because it’s not tapas in Spain or a restaurant in Paris doesn’t mean the gastronomy won’t be great, Chefs, great cooks and even amazing roadside diners and food trucks can be found everywhere these days. Do a little research in advance, and also be open to what pops up on your GPS! Check out a review or two before you get there and you are sure to be deliciously surprised.

No matter what you’ve heard, check local travel advisories before you leave. Things are changing from one day to the next, so it’s wise to check very shortly before your departure to ensure that no new issues have come up. Start with your own country’s travel advisories like these ones, for example:  Canadian Travel Advisory Information , US Travel Advisory Information, Europe Travel Advisory Information BUT, also make a call to your destination as well as any hotels or lodgings you have booked; double check everything!

Follow the rules! Brings masks, hand sanitizer, even cleaners and paper towels to wipe things down. Social distance and show respect for the health of others, after all, we want the lifting of restrictions to last, right?