When it snows, here’s what goes

There are two types of people in this city when it starts snowing. Those that lock themselves away with an endless watch list on Netflix and don’t plan on reemerging until spring and those who wrap up, head out and frolic at the sight of snow. Me?  I love when it snows

Lucky for you, I am the later of the two and here to convince you of the all the wonderful things you can do in New York when there is a whiteout in New York City.

Make a Snow Angel

When I moved to New York a few years back the first thing I did, before anything else, was go out into Central Park and make a snow angel, and I really mean first. I landed at 6am, dropped my bags off in the apartment and was making snow angels by 10am.  This was the epitome of ‘snow activities’ for me. I can’t say I have done many since. Its more of a one of situation, but I love the idea of floating into powdery snow.


Snow days = no school, so for most kids that also equals sledding fun in the park. But don’t let age be a deterrent. Sleds are available from every corner store and even an old cardboard box will get you down the hill a few times.

Sip Hot Chocolate

Ok, maybe you can’t be out in the snow all day, so I do give you permission to take a moment for a rest and refuel. The Loeb Boathouse has a wonderful hot chocolate and isn’t too far off track for more snow activities after.

Bonus points if you get a spot by the fireplace.

Ice Skating

Many assume Rockefeller is the best place to go ice-skating, but between the crowds of tourists and NBC employees, my suggestion is to head to Wolman Rink in Central Park. This rink has the best of both worlds with the iconic buildings backdrop and nature of Central Park. Plus you will save a few bucks.

Bonus points if you can resist the smell of the hot waffles they sell by the rink.

Take photos

Probably not applicable to all, but definitely one of my favourite snow pastimes is to walk around the streets and take photos of snow filled streets. When the snow comes, the gritty sidewalks turn into winter wonderlands lined with sugar-covered trees.


And at the end of the day, when the sun sets early in winter, I will confess there is no better way to spend a winter night than on the couch with a good movie as snowflakes form on the windowsill.

Growing up in Australia where we get a good healthy dose of sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine, I am first in line for any kind of snow activities year after year. I simply love when it snows.

Steph_profHerstory is a weekly column on women and travel by Steph Ridhalgh. Steph is a Sydney born; New York based television producer and travel blogger. Not one for being quiet for too long she simply loves talking about travel and lifestyle.

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