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The Top 6 Sexiest Airline Lounges in the World


Just because an airline has the best first class in the world does not mean that they have the best lounges.

Airline lounges can have a great clubby feel about them and are often worth getting to the airport early for. Some however are not really worth the bother

The difference between a business and first class lounge is normally the exclusivity and personal service and again sometimes it makes a difference and other time no. But every Elite Traveler knows that when you have a long layover or when you want to get to the airport and relax, a great lounge can make a huge difference.

Lufthansa First Class Lounge Frankfurt

Ranking at my top favourite lounge in the world is the Lufthansa first class lounge in Frankfurt

This is a separate lounge to the terminal and you are ushered through security into an oasis of champagne and food. There is a full restaurant with some incredible tantalizing offers, as well as the nicest, softest leather sofas arranged in little private areas where you can sit and enjoy a wonderful tranquil moment before you travel.

When you are ready to leave your flight, you are offered a Porsche or Mercedes to take you directly through the tarmac onto the plane. The experience is like a James Bond moment. You feel like a major celebrity being whisked through the airport.

Danile T5British Airways London

British Airways’ Terminal Five offers a very impressive and lush lounge. Champagne flows freely, there’s a little private restaurant for you to dine, and it’s people watching like you’ve never seen. The lounge is teeming with famous upon famous people allowing you to have a quick drink or snack near the rich and famous. I personally sat next to Victoria Beckham on one visit and Stella McCartney on another. There are no snacks on offer and it can be a little bit stiff.  As well there is no personal concierge service unless you are one of those celebs but it is still a grand experience.

Japan Airlines Narita & Singapore Airlines Singapore

In Asia Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines both have remarkable lounges in their flagship hubs. We’ve covered Changi Airport and Singapore Air before so we’ll let you check out the full story here.

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong

Elevating lounges to a whole other level, Cathay Pacific always offers an incredible experience. The mythical Long Bar, an exclusive restaurant and great showers are just a sampling. Many of you will know their various offerings at HKIA very well.

Virgin Clubhouse London

Now if we talking business class lounges the top of my list is Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow. It feels like a nightclub. Everyone is friendly and enjoying themselves, drinking and eating and partying. Hey you can even have your haircut at the barbers.

It beats every business class lounge by far. You want to get to the airport early to really enjoy all the facilities Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse has to offer.

This is not an exhaustive list, just a few of my personal favs.

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