The Little Extras Count


Flying first class or business class is expensive and I doubt anyone chooses an airline solely for the little extras and gifts, but they do matter. Most of us Elite Travelers appreciate a good amenity kit and the little touches that the better airlines provide so effortlessly. Here is a peak into some of my favorite takeaways from flying up front.

Virgin Atlantic wins hands down with Upper Class. They are one of the only airlines to still offer pajamas in the business class cabin and like most things Richard Branson’s airline does, they are really cool. Their amenity kit is standard but it’s still a nice one for business class.

Delta has one of the nicest amenity kits these days. The bag is made by the famous luggage brand Tumi. It’s not much on the inside but the bag is a great one to use again. Honorable mention to Turkish Airlines which pioneered an amenity kit bag that could double as an iPad carrying case after your flight. This is a great idea and a great way to recycle a bag.

AnyaFirst class can be a little more elaborate. The show off amenity kit at the moment is the Anya Hindmarch bag. This is a British Airways specialty. There have been various phases of this bag but it’s a keeper. People seem to like to take it down to the pool with them. Maybe using it for sun tan lotion, but more importantly to show everyone around that knows that “we went first class”.

Singapore Airlines of course has to be on top. And I think that hey are. They have the best filled product of all in first class. It is Ferragamo and you get perfume too, brilliant.

Emirates is just as elaborate and they have great sleepwear. Lufthansa and Thai have had mini RIMOWA cases that are fantastic while Thai also has great purple sleep suits for first. Air France have the best sleep suit of all however. In typical French style it is made by Givenchy.

So what’s in the kit and what should be in the kit?

In the Kit as a normal

Toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, lip balm, hand lotion, razor and foam, earplugs and eyeshade with socks.

What Should be in the Kit

Toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash (a strong one like Listerine), eyeshade, earplugs (I always prefer the soft gel ear plugs that actually work), razor and foam , a mini perfume spray and the most important of all …

Well before I answer that let me rant a bit. Now why more airlines don’t include this item in their amenity kits is beyond me. As far as I can tell… and smell, it is a necessity. It is deodorant.

Please let every airline see this… DEODORANT IS IMPORTANT. Yes deodorant. We all use it (well if not we all should be) and it is the 1st thing I pack in my bag but clearly not everyone on board does. So why not throw in a 0.59 cent miniature deodorant and we will all be set.

Happy Flying!

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