Heavenly Eats in the City of Angels


The Bangkok Food scene is forever changing. It is one of the few places in the world where it is affordable to eat in 5 star Hotels, but let’s not forget about the street food either.

I developed my passion for cooking in this city over 25 years ago. I was on a health regime and realized for the first time that fat is not always flavor. Thai food is a prime example of this.

Thai Chefs create dishes with lime leaves, chili, coriander and ginger to spice up the food and keep it fascinating.

Thai Food can be found everywhere. From fantastic street food to Royal Thai Cuisine. There are so many dishes that are full of flavor without the fat. From Tom Yum Goong Soup to the brilliant explosion of flavours from the dish Mien Kam. This is a small Beet leaf that you wrap with Tamarind, Chili, Ginger, Dried Shrimp and sometimes dried coconut and lime.

Benjarong at the Duist Thani hotel has all these dishes and is really top of the list for Royal Thai Cuisine. And it has a great atmosphere with everything served on beautiful china.

The middle of the road would be a restaurant that serves fantastic modern Thai Cuisine that is very well priced called Mazzaro.  It is located just before you reach the Shangri-La Hotel at 11/2 Charoenkrung 42/1 (Soi Shangri-La Hotel) Bangkok. They do a spicy lemon grass tiger Shrimp that is out of this world.  Don’t be put off by the fact they have some Italian dishes on the menu too. This is not normally a good sign in Bangkok unlike other places. That’s sort of the thing you need to always take into account in Bangkok, the Foodie rules of other places don’t necessarily apply in the Land of a Thousand Smiles.

Library-7381 2The new hip restaurants taking the city by Storm are the likes of Water Library Tholongor . It has only one table for up to 12. Talk about exclusive. Water Library’s first outlet is in Chanbury Sq. Its design is outstanding and opulent with food that is modern and inspiring. The Kagoshima beef striploin with caramelized onion and truffle jus, is a must.

For Thai street food well any street in Bangkok is usually good. Most stalls are clean, well run and the owners take pride in the food. To sample a number of options all at once, the ultimate destination is the Chatuchak Weekend Market. You can get there by Sky Train and every Saturday and Sunday the market is bustling with brilliant food stands. I’ll warn you the place is a zoo with bargain hunting Thais and tourists but it’s worth the crowds.

OK don’t blame me if you break down and eat something fattening on the road. There’s a lot of selection all over Bangkok and that includes tremendous Papaya Salads, which are cool, healthy and always a real treat. So just choose wisely.

The Sunday Brunch at the Four Seasons is one not to be missed. Not only because of the food but the crowd it draws. It’s the people watching of the south of France, right here in Bangkok. Truly delicate and outrageous in choice, if you can restrain yourself from the fois gras and the dessert buffet, you can eat really healthy. It also features a fantastic sushi bar which includes Chinese delicacies like jelly fish and an epic cold seafood bar filled with lobsters, oysters, crabs and shrimps.

The fact is, Bangkok is a Foodie’s town and you really can’t go wrong. From charming street eats to 5-star elegance, I love exploring. I always arrive in Bangkok with an empty stomach and an open mind and I am never disappointed.

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