How Gen Zs Are Changing Travel – Part Two

As the Post-Millennial generation comes of age, it is important for travel brands to recognize the unique preferences, interests, and needs of Gen Z travelers. This generation is interested in unique and authentic travel experiences, and they prefer to travel on a budget. With their interest in sustainability and technology, Gen Z travelers will reshape the travel industry in the future. And that’s why it’s so important to understand their wants, interests and desires. So welcome to Part-Two of our special report on Gen Z travelers.

Gen Zs and sustainability

Due to their appreciation for the environment, Gen Zs are making sustainable travel choices more often. They are more likely to choose eco-friendly accommodations, use sustainable transportation, and purchase products that are made from environmentally-friendly materials. Gen Zs are interested in exploring destinations that strive to be more sustainable, such as sustainable farming and renewable energy sources. And, Gen Zs are bringing their values to the travel industry and pushing for more eco-friendly practices.

Gen Zs and technology

Gen Zs are digital natives who are used to having technology at their fingertips, and this is evident in their habits while traveling. They are more likely to book and research their trips online, and they prefer to use their mobile device to access travel-related content. Gen Zs are interested in apps that can help them to navigate their trip, and they are increasingly using virtual assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, while they are away from home.

Gen Zs and adventure

Gen Zs want to travel with an adventure mindset, and they want their trip to be more than just a series of destinations. This generation is interested in activities that involve risk and challenge, such as skydiving or caving. They are more likely to follow an itinerary that allows them to pursue a variety of adventures within a limited amount of time, often using a bucket list to guide them.

Gen Zs and affordable travel

As Gen Zs are on a quest for authentic travel experiences, they are looking for ways to do so cheaply. This generation is interested in booking their trip with a budget in mind, and they are often willing to forgo luxury for affordability. Gen Zs are more likely to use travel apps or booking services to find cheaper travel alternatives. They also may be more likely to travel off-peak or stay in a hostel in order to save money.

Gen Zs and unique experiences

Gen Zs are interested in unique travel experiences, and they are willing to travel to remote destinations in order to experience something different. This generation is often willing to travel to destinations that are off the beaten path, and they are willing to travel to places that are off the typical travel itinerary. This may involve backpacking through Central America or visiting destinations that are not safe for tourists, such as war zones or drug cartel territories.

Gen Zs and social media

Gen Zs are avid users of social media and prefer to engage with brands and peers digitally. They are more likely to follow a brand on social media and use hashtags to find new travel experiences and find out more about a destination. Travel brands are taking advantage of social media by hosting live events and sharing content that connects with Gen Zs.

How Gen Zs will shape travel in the future

As Gen Zs gain more influence in the travel industry, we can expect to see a shift towards more authentic and diverse travel experiences. This generation is interested in exploring new destinations and cultures, but they also want to engage with the local people. Gen Zs are more interested in sustainable travel, and they are using technology to make their trip more convenient and cost-effective. Finally, Gen Zs are shaping travel to be more inclusive and diverse, making it easier for all people to travel.