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He Arrives in Beijing

The launch of Wudaoying’s newest opening in January was celebrated during an all-day Food & Drink Festival where the Saffron team Yaoyang and Li Yang worked with the Woodstock of Eating team to organize 6 hours of food, drinks and music entertainment across their Wudaoying F&B outlets including Saffron, Chi Restaurant, and their newest restaurant space He Kitchen & Co

Though the venue is called He, 喝 the ‘drink’ counterpart to their Chi restaurant 吃, ‘He’ is more than just a bar concept. They offer breakfast, brunch, various tapas and desserts alongside a special wine selection and good drinks available from morning until evening for all those wine-loving hipsters.

During the Wudaoying Food & Drink Festival He was serving food by Saffron To Go – a spread that included a large platter of squid, cup portions of saucy meatballs, and a range of toppings to spread onto a selection of flatbread and bread rolls. A bit of a mishmash offering, but all very tasty. On the other side of the entrance bar were beverages and a little cart making cotton candy.

He Kitchen & Co: Wudaoying New Opening

He Kitchen & Co: Wudaoying New Opening

Rolls and Breads with Range of Spreads and Fillers

He Kitchen & Co: Wudaoying New Opening

Spread of Wines for Guests

He Kitchen & Co: Wudaoying New Opening

Though most of the food being served was on the first floor, they also had a little BBQ with chuar sticks on their petit rooftop space on the second floor, where they also had a DJ and spare dance space. We presume that during normal business hours, this would serve as the main dining area for guests.

While we were most keen to check out He since it’s the newest space by the Saffron Team, we also popped our heads into Saffron where we saw one of the largest paella pots imaginable in the works. Unfortunately, we did have the time to wait around for it to be ready or the energy to fight the other foodies crowding around the pan, you can already imagine how superb this paella was going to turn out!

He Kitchen & Co: Wudaoying New Opening

Gigantic Seafood Paella at Saffron

Contact Details for He Kitchen & Co:

  • Address: No. 48 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District
  • 东城区五道营胡同48号


  • Address: No. 64 Wudaoying Hutong (Opposite Chi restaurant)
  • 东城区五道营胡同64号
  • Tel:+86 10 8404 4909

Chi Restaurant:

  • Address: No. 67 Wudaoying Hutong (Opposite Saffron)
  • 东城区五道营胡同67号
  • Tel: +86 10 6445 7076

Saffron To Go:

  • Address: C30208, Galaxy SOHO, Chaoyangmen, Dongcheng
  • 东城区朝阳门银河SOHO C座30208
  • Tel: 4000 887 757
  • Website: www.saffrontogo.com

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