Going on a Long-Haul Flight? Read This First

When you have to take a long-haul flight to your destination, it can leave you feeling jet-lagged and unable to do things for a few days. If you’ve paid for a holiday you’ll want to make the most of it, and jet lag doesn’t really help you do that. So, how do you avoid feeling unwell after a long flight? It’s all in the preparation. How you prepare for your flight will determine how it will affect you. So, here are a few things you can do.

Order a Special Meal

Meals often come free with most long-haul flights, and if you’re sat on a plane for a few hours it’s important to eat. However, standard meals are often full of foods that won’t do you much good when you’re travelling, like simple carbs. Ordering a special meal will allow you to have more choice. For example, you can select gluten free meals, vegan and vegetarian meals and planes are now offering healthier snack choices, like fresh fruit. Try and eat as healthily as possible during your flight, so your body has the right tools to keep you feeling well.

Get a Prescription

If you’re prone to travel sickness or not used to long-haul flights, it may be worth taking some travel sickness medication with you. If you start to feel nauseous half way through the flight, it could be a miserable trip to your destination and then additional time trying to recover. Travelling while feeling unwell isn’t easy, so it’s not worth the risk when you can simply get a prescription from your local pharmacy. Ask your doctor’s advice, and you may even be able to buy what you need over the counter.

Dress Suitably

Sitting on a ten-hour flight in a pair of skinny jeans may not be the best idea. It’s important to wear something that makes you feel comfortable, but something that makes you feel good as well. Go for comfortable but classy. It’s also worth noting what you’ll be doing as soon as you land. For example, if you’re headed to Resorts and Lodges in Florida but you plan to spend the day at Disney World before checking in, you should consider your clothing. You don’t want to be walking around in the heat wearing a thick, woolly jumper because you flew from somewhere much colder.

Stay Hydrated

Some people refuse to drink more than a bottle of water on a long flight because it means having to get up and visit the toilet more often. However, you will become more dehydrated than usual on a plane so it’s important to keep drinking. The last thing you want to do is land feeling faint or with a hammering headache. Stick to water and avoid alcohol.


Sitting in a seat for a few hours at a time isn’t any good for anyone. Get up and stretch your legs, even if it’s just to walk the length of the plane and back. There are also some stretches you can do from your seat.

If you prepare for your flight in advance, there should be no stopping your fun once you land.