Christmas is in the Air (Literally)


Traveling on December 25th can come with many perks during this crazy and hectic holiday time such as cheaper fights and a whole row to yourself – score. Beat the crowds and travel on what my friends and I call ‘the national day of Jewish travel’. Getting a long haul flight back to Sydney, Australia on Christmas day is like getting all eight Chanukah presents on the first night.

While most people couldn’t think of anything worst then sitting on a bum-numbing flight on the best day of the year, there are a few people clued in to why flying on Christmas Day is great.

Last December I left Sydney on Christmas Eve and arrived in New York City on Christmas Eve. It was one of the best flights I have done, and that’s saying something since it was nearly 24 hours in flying time. Of course the time zones worked in my favor in this situation. If I had done the same flight he opposite way I would have missed Christmas altogether.

The festive buzz wafted through the airport and everyone was excited.

Traveling on Christmas day may not be for everyone, there are some great perks but you are also missing out on part of the day with family. Here’s what you need to know before travelling on Christmas day.

Ticket prices

I’ve said it before, I’ll it again, you will save a motza in cash. You just have to weigh up whether the savings are worth seeing family and friends later in the day.


Stroll through customs and security like you are Bey and Jay-Z, no one in front of you, no one behind you. Airports are moderately empty on holidays, which means no security lines jammed like sardines.


Just in case, it would be a good idea to pack some food. While there are many people in the service industry still powering through on public holidays, you wont be spoilt for choice and sometime, not often, but sometimes Micky D’s just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t Forget to be Festive

Airline employees and cabin crew have come to terms with the fact they are working on Christmas weeks ago so all they want to do now is make the day as nice as possible, which could work in your favor. They are usually pretty jolly and open to all the usual questions about upgrades. I also take chocolates from my home country to give to the check in attendants. A little goes a long way and with all those empty seats especially in business (because no one does business on Christmas) there may just be a chance for an upgrade – it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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