Flight Check – Lufthansa First Class Long Haul

Hong Kong to London via Frankfurt

The new Lufthansa is the most sophisticated airline in Europe. Well when they’re not on strike.

But when they’re in the air Lufthansa are polished, impeccable, brilliant.

On board and on the ground I found that the service embodies perfection; the cabins are modern, the check in and lounges divine and Lufthansa certainly runs a tight ship with respect to punctuality. You’d expect nothing less from the premiere German carrier.

At Hong Kong International Airport Lufthansa shares the lounge with Thai Airways and United Airlines. Upon boarding Lufthansa’s first-class cabin, you are swept upstairs to an aircraft with a 1-1 configuration. Spacious is the word.

This is upgraded and the newest in their fleet. You have a huge seat followed by a lay flat bed next to you. There are no short cuts in this particular service. Lufthansa still offers the best champagne and caviar service of any of the European carriers. And they excel with the little touches; fresh red rose is situated on every seat while the amenity kits are fantastic using mini Rimowa luggage packs. EVA has a similar product but Lufthansa’s best theirs.

The long haul meal service is opulent:

Caviar service
Salad and soup
Main courses
Deserts and cheese trays

They really seem to be one of the last few Western airlines which like the Middle Eastern carriers still spend the extra money on food. The care and consideration of their F&B program is instantly apparent.

But no matter how great their in-flight service is, nothing is like your ground experience at Frankfurt.

Lufthansa have something no other carrier does. They have a chauffeur service that picks first-class passengers up at the plane Within minutes you are whisked off to a separate First Class Terminal. Here there is private security screening, a mini duty-free store and one of the best lounges I have ever seen.

There is plenty of seating area and privacy if you need it. They offer a dining facility which has food that is out of this world. Buffets of smoked salmon, cheese and wonderful deserts, hot meals can also be ordered à la cart while Champagne flows in every corner possible.

Lufthansa assigns a private concierge to every passenger so when you’re ready to depart for your next flight, even if it is a commuter plane or local in Europe, you will be asked if you want a Mercedes or a Porsche to drive you straight to the airplane. They do this at the very last minute to ensue that you are the final passenger to Board. You are taken directly to the staircase of the plane and as you walk upstairs you are greeted, the door shuts and the plane takes off. It is the most James Bond moment I have ever had in my life.

Well done Lufthansa and let’s hope they don’t make cuts like other European airlines have recently. Here’s to remaining number one on the continent.

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