Losing the Lines: Beat the Airport Rush

Clocking over 150,000 miles a year, I have found the fastest ways to get through the airports which I use most often. Of course my strategies vary during the time of day and even during peak seasons, but in general these are my go to tips for cutting time in airports. So here are my tips on how to beat the airport rush.

  1. Register for TSA precheck. This is helpful for all US airports and now open to International travelers.
  2. Apply for Global Entry. This is the best way to enter the USA. You pass immigration formalities using a kiosk and now many other nationalities can apply. But you do need to have an interview to be approved.
  3. Even if you are on TSA precheck, if you’re flying business or first still check the premium class security line as that can be far quicker than the TSA’s precheck line at certain times.


I pass through MSP often as it’s my home airport. I see the spikes of when this airport is at its busiest. It handles the day to day lines well but as it’s home to Delta, most people passing through are flying this carrier and that can cause back ups. There used to be security check points throughout the airport but now they’ve been changed to offer either a north or south option. Since everyone flying Delta goes to the north checkpoint if you are not checking bags then always use the south as its always far less busy and has far less passengers, especially at TSA precheck.

Hong Kong

Just about anyone can register to use the e-Channel system in Hong Kong. You have to have at least 3 entries into Hong Kong in the previous 12 months in order to qualify. Once you do, after passport control on your next visit, stop by and fill out a form. This now allows you to scan your passport with no wait upon entry which is great as Hong Kong can have some the worst passport control line ups.

Chicago O’Hare

If you are connecting at this airport, you can get to all terminals without leaving security which is not well publicized. So just keep an eye out before you leave the designated area. The only one you need to leave for is international terminal 5, unless you are in the hours of 3-9pm. During this time you can go to gate K9 and take a bus over from AA terminal to the international one.

If you are worried about getting to your connection or speeding through an airport try gateway VIP www.GatewayVIPServices.com

I have used this service many times. They charge different amounts at different airports but at times you when need it, it will be worth its weight in gold. I use them on the busiest travel days, like Thanksgiving, Spring Break and other peak times. You can organize curbside meet and greet and have your own escort meet you and whisk you through any airport. They will check your bag, get you to the front of the security line, take you in a cart to a lounge, then pick you up for your flight and pre-board you. It is like a movie star way to travel. They also offer this service at most airports upon arrival, meeting you on the gateway and taking you through all the formalities.

There are other white glove services like this included in your ticket if you fly some airlines in first class.

Thai Airways do this for all their first class passengers as does Garuda Indonesia, Lufthansa, Etihad, Air France, American and United if they see your connection is tight they’ll often proactively meet you.

Airlines that do not offer this in first class are British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

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