Backpacking: The Essential Tips

Backpacking is something that a lot of travellers take to doing in order to see more of the world. Carrying all of your possessions on your person rather than dragging bits and bobs along in a suitcase behind you opens you up to a world of opportunities. Not only does it allow you the freedom to have everything within reach, but there are certain times when it can be really handy; from carrying your sleeping bag within it to trailing a straw leading to a water bottle within. But what are the essentials that we need to look for when planning our backpacking adventure?

The Backpack

The first thing that you need to really look at is the backpack itself. The Explorer Tactical Backpack offers a compact version with just the right amount of pockets that you need for a short adventure, but if you are planning on extending your travels for a few more weeks you may need to look to something a bit bigger. Don’t be afraid to read reviews online and ask those you know that have gone travelling before you – they may have some great tips. If you search the country that you’re going to an look at pictures of backpackers that are already there, it’ll give you an idea as to what size bag they have got with them and also what they’re carrying.

The Clothes

As much as you can, make sure that your clothes are lightweight. This is hard if you are travelling to a cooler country, but those with warmer climates mean that you don’t need to be wearing that much anyway. Make allowances for extras that you may buy when you’re out there; you may not truly know what the dress code is until you arrive in the country, meaning extra purchases.

The Extras

You’ll never have absolutely everything that you need within your backpack, but there are some things that you can take just in case. Plastic bags are always good; they are compact but can expand to use as extra bags or protection should you need it from the elements as they can double into ponchos. They’re also brilliant for being able to dispose of any rubbish or pop in wet clothes that you don’t want getting the rest of your backpack wet. Gaffer tape is also recommended as it can help out in the strangest of situations – although you’ll have to be in them to really understand where and why you’ll need it. To add to this, if your bag rips or tears at any point, you’ll be able to fix it easily.

The Medical

The main thing that you need that you definitely won’t be able to carry in your backpack – unless you’re printing off and taking the documents with you – is medical insurance. A mini first aid kit within reach is also of the utmost importance, and will definitely help you should you get into any sticky situations, although a trip to the doctor just to get checked over is also imperative for your safety.