The Rise Of The Phoenix (Arizona)!

If you’re keen on hitting the most notable spots in the US of A, then you should try out Phoenix, Arizona! This capital city is the 5th most populous city in America and is a cornucopia of the city and country-styled views. And luckily there are plenty of things to do…

Hot Air Ballooning

If you want to get a taste of what Phoenix has to offer, then you can’t really beat taking a hot air balloon ride to see the grand view of the city from spectacular height miles off the ground. There are ample package deals for the budding high flyer, from the standard air balloon ride to private flights and luxury packages where you get fed hors d’oeuvres and are treated like a first class citizen. You can choose to view Phoenix during the day as most tourists would, or you can join the Dawn Patrol and view the spectacular sun come over the horizon.

Culture With A Twist

If you like your history that isn’t so… historical, you may want to check out the Musical Instrument Museum. Which is the home of the MIM music theater which is as acoustically perfect as theater spaces come, as well as ample galleries and exhibits for your standard music buff. If you wanted a history of the Stradivarius violin while also wondering what types of drums there are all over the world at the same time staring at portraits of the world’s most influential musicians, then this is your kind of place.

St Mary’s Basilica

If you’re after a spot of architecture, then this church in the Greater Phoenix area is the best place to start. Part of the oldest Roman Catholic Parish in Phoenix it was founded in 1881 and was the only one until 1924. The structure supports which span of the length of the Basilica and is topped with stained glass. As part of the rich Roman Catholic parish in Phoenix, you need to spend some time here.

The South Mountain Park/Preserve

If you are in the mood for a massive hiking expedition, you’ve got more than 16,000 acres to play with! The South Mountain Park/Preserve consists of three different mountain ranges and has 51 miles of trails, for you to do horseback riding hiking or even mountain biking. If you are lucky, you could spot some of the native wildlife such as the desert tortoise, the Western diamondback rattlesnake, or the chuckwalla, which is probably the most notable lizard in the mountain’s preserve. With an average of 65 chuckwallas a hectare, the Mountain Park boasts the hugest amount of chuckwallas in the Sonoran desert.

As a place for adventure, culture, and a range of wildlife, Phoenix probably has the best combination of urban landscapes and desert land to choose from. Whether you are a country bumpkin type or a city dweller, Phoenix has something to offer everyone. And that is merely the tip of the chuckwallas tail, there are so many places in Arizona to go and explore. But make sure you start with the Valley Of The Sun!

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