5 Things You Must Do When Visiting California

For many people, California is a dream holiday. There’s sun, sand, sea and plenty of things to do. It can be a trip of a lifetime. It’s important to make the most of it while you’re there. Before your trip, make a plan of how you’d like to spend your time. Remember, it can often be cheaper to buy your attraction tickets before your trip. Before you make your plan, take a look at these five must do’s while visiting California.


It wouldn’t be a trip to California without a quick stop at Disneyland. However, it’s more likely to be a few days than a ‘quick stop’. It’s virtually impossible to get through the entire park in one day and if you have kids with you, it could be the best part of their trip (and yours). The whole park is one huge magical experience, so be sure to take plenty of pictures. One of the only bad things about Disneyland is the queues at peak times. If you’re planning on a visit, choose a weekday to attend, rather than a Saturday or Sunday.

Alcatraz Island

If you’re interested in learning more about some of America’s history, taking a trip to Alcatraz Island could be right up your street. The attraction is popular, so don’t try and get tickets for the tour on the same day you’re planning to attend. You can choose from a personal tour with the park rangers or an audio tour where you make your own way around and learn about the Island and its inhabitants via a recording and earphones. You can even hear the voices of some of the ex-prison mates and the shouting and arguments that could have taken place.

Beach Day

You don’t have to travel far in California to find a beach and you don’t want to spend your entire holiday on the go, so it’s a great option for relaxing. If you’re someone who likes to have something to do, don’t worry. There are plenty of water sports you can participate in while you’re having a chill day on the beach. You could learn to surf, go kayaking, hop on a jet ski or even go on a water tour to see the wildlife. California can be a full-on holiday, so it’s important to take a little bit of down time.

Indian Canyons

If you like to hike, Indian Canyons in Palm Springs is a great option. For tourists, it’s ideal to see a difference between the busy Californian lifestyle and what is essentially and American jungle. However, you do need to be prepared for the temperatures. Don’t wear sandals if you’re planning on going for a walk. If you kick the sand onto your feet, it can burn. You may also be advised to stay within certain parameters because of wildlife.

Golden Gate Bridge

America may not have much history but it is full of monuments that shouldn’t be missed. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of them. Visit San Francisco just to take in the view!