Living Like A Star In Miami

There are golden sands. There are boutique hotels. There are luxury restaurants. There’s adventure inland and on the sea. If you want the star holiday experience, there are few better places to go than Miami, Florida. Beautiful people, beautiful sights, and beautiful foods await. So, how do you make sure you get the extravagant experience you want from this luxury hotspot?

The view you want

A lot of attention in Miami goes to Miami Beach and that’s for good reason. It’s one of the most beautiful and active seaside spots in the entire country. If you have the budget for it, then staying at one of the luxury resorts like the Mondrian South Beach is worth it. You’ll not only get pampered with more amenities than you can shake a fist at, you’ll do it all with a great view.

A taste of the high life

Of course, you don’t want to spend all your time in the hotel. You want to get out and to experience a bit of the high-flying life of the locals. To that end, the retail and food options of the Bayside Marketplace are not to be denied. But there’s a wide diversity of great restaurants inside and out of the marketplace. From expertly prepared beef at Prime 112 to the freshest seafood at Joe’s Stone crab, there are options for everyone.

Go for an adventure

Lounging by the beach is all well and good, but the best views aren’t to be had on the sands but rather on the sea. Getting a boat in Miami is no rough ride, either. Yacht rental in Miami is a luxury experience. You have your choice of sailing with a captain or without if you’re handy on deck and you get total control of your trip, where it goes, and how long your party lasts.

Thrills and spills

When you’re done with the yacht, but not the seas and sands, there’s plenty of fun to be had closer to the coast as well. Thrill seekers will find little to complain about when it comes to all the water sporting activities on offer. In particular, parasailing in Miami is hugely popular, with many well-trained, safe, and exciting options on offer.

Get a little wild

Want to see some of the local natural beauty that the area is famous for? It’s a very short trip from the Everglades, in that case. Easily the best National Park in Florida, there’s a lot to do here. River tours, alligator farms and trails that offer some of the best views of water birds, huge palm trees, and more from the safe heights of a boardwalk.

There’s a lot more to Miami that you could get into.  The megaclubs and Latin music and dance venues give it one of the best nightlife scenes in the US. There are plenty of museums, parts, and galleries to keep it sophisticated, too. Simply put, if you go to Miami with high expectations, you’ll be left not disappointed but spoiled for choice.



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