London Calling – Culinary Edition

Long gone are the days when London, UK didn’t have a wold class foodie scene. Today London is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world and to help guide you through it’s maze of offerings I’ve assembled my list of the city’s 10 best eateries. It’s subjective of course, but trust me, these are all brilliant.

The Rib Room

Classic elegance. This is one of the oldest establishments in London. On Sloan Street, this restaurant has the best prime beef in town. The atmosphere is old school opulence. Huge big tables with plenty of room and they never rush to push you out. The maître d’ has been there for decades. It’s all about service and fantastic quality.  The smoked salmon is out of this world as well.

The Wolseley

This is one of the more recent restaurants in London, opening over the past decade. But you would never know looking at it as its looks like it has been there for centuries. Close to the Ritz hotel. Salads are fantastic, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Modern English cuisine at it’s finest.

Le Caprice
Also an old favorite and still a crowd spotting place. Classic dishes like steak tartare tantalize. I have been there when Tom Cruise was in the house as well as Princess Margaret and all sort of famous athletes. This tells you a little about the price point.

La Familia

This classic Italian restaurant is now in its second generation running traditional Italian food. It’s always popular. Of the Kings Road, The decor is Italian comfort and food matches, it’s classic Italian, made with a passion. The restaurant is not far from Wimbledon so every year when Wimbledon is in full force, many of the famous tennis players dine there. Every time I’ve been there I’ve seen a crowd. Strangely I have sat next to Princess Diana’s brother lots of times, he obviously likes the place as well.


The Dorchester’s China Tang

I personally think this is one of the best hotels in the world and their Chinese restaurant China Tang is authentic but a little pricey. The atmosphere and decor however are out of this world London has one of the best China towns in the world but nothing is like this.


This was a competitor to Nobu when it first opened. I prefer it as it attracts a much younger crowd with a better atmosphere. It also serves more creative Japanese food.

Harry Morgan’s

Not an expensive restaurant but if you are looking for fantastic Jewish deli food then you will get the best chopped liver and chicken soup in town. Their nicoise salad is huge too.

Thai Square

There is a few locations now but they serve really good authentic Thai food. You can ask them to kick it up and make it pretty spicy. The food is good and the atmosphere is pleasantly Thai modern.

Blue Elephant

This is one of the original Thai restaurants in London. It’s expensive but it makes you feel like you are in Thailand. Set menus are the best as they offer a taste of every flavor there is. It’s like you have walked into a 5 star Bangkok hotel.

La Venture
Cozy romantic and small. Real French food at its finest.  Order what’s in season and what’s on the menu of the day. It’s Rich. It’s French. It is even a little bit rude but that wraps up to the special experience and makes is oh so authentic.

What do you think? What’s your favorite hidden haunt in London?  Hit us up on Twitter @goingglobaltv and let me know.

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