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If you live in the northern hemisphere chances are you’re starting to get tired of the cold. Maybe it’s snowing where you are, maybe it’s just damp and grey. But I bet you, like most of the people in the Going Global community are casting your mind to where you’ll travel to next.

Every year the popularity and in fact attractiveness of destinations ebb and flow. What’s hot one year is cold the next, while that hip new destination can suddenly become tired and old.

So here’s the ”It” List for this year. Trust me this is the definitive guide to what destinations are on the rise and where you need to go to be on the cutting edge of vacation getaways.

Abu Dhabi is the place in the Middle East.

Five star hotels are popping up everywhere and this formerly sleeping city is now giving Dubai a run for its money. You can fly in on the incredible Etihad Airlines, they have just announced a brand-new first on the A380 aircraft, that includes a private cabin with a bathroom, bedroom and sitting area, as well as your own butler. We hear it’s about $21,000 each way from London, so maybe it’s a bit pricey for most of us.

In Southeast Asia the hottest destination by far is Myanmar or Burma. For a couple of years now Myanmar has been tantalizing travelers and the tourist industry as the next place to go in Southeast Asia and I think it’ll finally live up to its potential.

Politically there are still many issues and the tourist and travel infrastructure hasn’t been able to grow as fast as the demand, but it is still a magical place. And one you should see before too much development changes its character. Myanmar combines the beauty of Thailand, the smiles of Thailand and an absolutely idyllic setting. It should be on every traveler’s list.

China of course is on the rise and has been for the past couple of decades. Instead of the normal stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing, travel demand is growing fast in smaller cities and great infrastructure is helping to bring visitors to places like Chengdu, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Seriously check out the second tier cities like Xi’an or Guilin and you’ll be glad you did. They combine authentic Chinese culture with five-star western amenities.

Europe is still expensive. Despite the on again off again recession, the continent is still very pricey. The best value for your money is the Greek islands in the summertime. They’re great and far less dear than neighboring destinations.

Remember to book early, use your miles and plan ahead. Enjoy.

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