Hotel Check In: Zamas Hotel, Tulum

What’s better than arriving at your hotel in the middle of the night and waking up to waves crashing right outside your bungalow.

Well if I had to say something I guess the guacamole, ceviche, and margaritas at the same said hotel served to you at your beach chair for lunch could possibly cut it.

Either way Zamas Hotel in Tulum delivered on all fronts and leaving at the end of my stay was not my proudest moment.

Hotel booking is an anxiety of mine. What if I book the wrong hotel. Zamas is far from that. Situated a little bit up the shoreline from the main beach, you are far enough from the flashiness of the ‘it’ crowd, but close enough to ride your pastel painted bike down to join in at your desire.

IMG_7466Breakfast matched perfectly with the table and chairs that looked like they had been colored directly from a pack of Crayola

Lunch matched perfectly with the same brightly colored tables and chairs. And dinner, well you get the idea.

Rarely one to eat at the same place multiple times, I was infatuated with the food at Zamas. While there are plenty of amazing places to try in Tulum, we came back day after day for breakfast and lunch. The shrimp tacos are out of this world and I had serious concerns I was going to turn into an avocado from all the amazing guacamole I was eating. All the food was so fresh and flavorful.

Hotel Check In: Zamas Hotel, Tulum

Our bungalow was exactly what we needed. While they were one the smaller side, the huge king bed was perfect for flopping into after a long hard day… you know, laying on the beach. I would suggest staying with someone you are fairly close with. The beach bungalows are just single large rooms. The toilet and shower are divided from the rest of the room only by a swinging saloon door that comes to chest height.

Aside from all the amenities and beautiful scenery, something that sets a hotel apart for me is the staff. The Zamas staff were always friendly and despite language barriers always down for a chat.

If you are looking to sway in your very own hammock, sleep in your own thatched roof bungalow and consume your weight in guac, ceviche and margaritas then, one, you and I my friend will get along very well and two, we should do it at Zamas!

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