VIP All the Way

Have you watched people at airports being whisked through security, met at gates and raced through the front of the queue at immigration points? Feel a little jealous, wish you could be a VIP?

Well this could be you.

I have covered Gateway Meet and Greet before and recently had the chance to use them again a few weeks ago at London Heathrow Airport (LHR).

I often travel on separate tickets. This can save money but also confound your travel plans if there’s a delay or a tight connection. In this case I was on a paid ticket on British Airways from Nice to LHR but then had a connection on Virgin Atlantic on a different ticket using miles. When you do this, you are responsible for missing your connection due to any reason. If BA had canceled the NCE-LHR portion and was on a same ticket reservation, they would have been responsible to get me all the way to NY. Not so if I am on different tickets.

Also, I had no through checked baggage as most airlines in the USA and Europe will no longer do through check bags on different reservations or at least if you a traveling on a carrier which is not in their airline group. Asia is a different story. There it’s still very easy. As an example, I was on my way back from Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific recently and not only did they check my bags onto a different airline outside oneworld, it was also on a different ticket and they even printed my boarding pass. WOW.

So, feeling the pressure, especially with BA strikes and it being high season, I booked Gateway to meet and greet me. Now prices may vary at various airports but this is a relaxing way to travel. You will be met as the plane doors as soon as they open and your escort will take you through to the front of the lines and get you in the quickest way possible to your next gate or lounge. Not only is this a wonderful way to travel, but they have great connections and can make calls and do what’s needed to get you on that next flight if there is an issue

It does not stop there.

They also offer other services. You can be met curbside at the airport and taken through to the front of the line at security. You may think this is frivolous way to fly but if you are going to meetings and you’re cutting it close, this really puts you at ease without the guess work if you will or won’t make to your flight.

You can also have them meet you and get you through customs and immigration. They can help with seat assignments, re booking and so much more. Keep their phone number in your contacts and call +1 718-361-8818 for help – last minute booking are also often available.

I was in Bali 2 years ago when a volcano started to erupt. The airport was closed 7 days with 2,000 people each day building and anxious to all head to the airport the same time. I was nervous about a mess at the check in area so I booked this service from my hotel in Bali. I was met curb side and raced through thousands of people wanting to get home in the departure hall.

This is one of the best kept secrets in travel, unless you are Brad Pit and get this service anyway.

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