Vaccines May Be Kickstarting Travel Plans

As the US starts to effectively rollout COVID-19 vaccinations, there are early signs that the vaccines may be kick-starting travel plans. and that would be good news for everyone.

In the first two months since the Covid-19 vaccine rollout began, travel insurance aggregator, Squaremouth, says the impact on traveler trends can already be seen. And interestingly, travelers over 60, who are most likely to have received the jab, are leading this nascent growth.

At the onset of the pandemic, Squaremouth reported an almost immediate drop-off in senior-aged travelers. The company noted their average traveler age dropped from 50+ to 38 years old.

In the two months following the initial vaccine efforts, there is evidence that senior travel is bouncing back. 

“Early on in the pandemic and prior to the vaccine, we saw younger travelers comprising a larger market share, as the percentage of senior travelers dropped,” says Squaremouth Lead Data Analyst, Steven Benna. “Now, our data shows the traveler market is beginning to shift back to what it was before.” 

Rebound in Travel for Seniors

Amid the rollout of the vaccine, Squaremouth reports an increase in the percentage of travelers in every age group over 60. During that same span, the percentage of travelers in each age group under 60 has respectively decreased, marking a significant shift from earlier in the pandemic.

Travelers Buying Insurance Earlier

As senior travelers are regaining their willingness to travel, Squaremouth notes a trend in travelers planning further ahead. 

The average traveler is buying their travel insurance policy 74 days before they depart for their trip. Prior to the vaccine, travelers were buying their policies an average of 42 days ahead of time.

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