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The Top 16 Destinations in Asia


The statistics are in. Various governmental agencies have tallied their facts and figures and most importantly millions of actual travelers have cast their votes and so we are now able to determine the top tourism locations in Asia.  And let me tell you, this isn’t an easy job.  Just think about it, Asia is the largest, most populous continent on the world with 49 countries, all reporting stats in a different way based upon their own unique criteria and their own distinct timeline and all with different tourist attractions.  But have no fear we have the details.

So without too much further ado we’re pleased to present this Infographic which lays out (in nice color pics) the most desirable destination in Asia and why. This is important data because as we have seen travel and tourism is a huge and growing business in Asia with tremendous knock-on effects for the local economies and once a destination gains momentum it is critical not to lose it. Yep we’re looking at you Thailand.


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