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The Three Options for US Travel

With all of the news about more interrogation by the Trump administration at airports, it has never been more important to get our secure travel information documented so we that can whisk through airport lines. Here are the three options to become a Trusted Traveler and find some peace in US airports.

Global Entry

This is for arrival at all US ports. Any flight arriving from abroad will have kiosks where you scan your passport and fingerprints and usually you’ll never need to even talk to an immigration officer. You are printed a receipt that you flash at a desk and usually you will be through in minutes. At most airports you can access customs through a dedicated line, making the whole process even faster .

This was originally for US citizens only. Now other countries are allowed this service. You do however need to pay for the service and make an appointment at a US border control office. This interview takes about 30 minutes and is available at most international airports . Some however can take a long time to allocate an appointment . Chicago for instance is pretty fast whereas Minneapolis can take 3 months to arrange.

The interview is almost like coming through US immigration. So a few questions and it will be done.

TSA Pre-Check

This is automatic if you have Global Entry. All you need to do is put your address number given by Global Entry into your frequent travel program and you will be set. Now at almost all US airports you can go through security called TSA Pre -Check . This means faster and shorter lines. They are faster because you do not need to take off blazers, shoes or take out lap tops . So it moves fast . Saying that , more and more people are on this now so if you are flying first class, it may even be quicker to whip off shoes and take out the computer and head through the first class lane.

And now there is a new third in the running. Clear.


 At first it was not so appealing as few airports had this kiosk. But it has grown tremendously. It is at Orlando, Minneapolis, Miami and many others with more on the horizon. You get a free 2 months trial then pay $179 a year. If you are a Delta Diamond member it is free.

What you do is sign up on line with all of your details. Then on your first trip you stop at a kiosk by security and take an iris picture, scan a document like your passport or Driver’s License and then take fingerprints. The entire process takes about 5-10 minutes.

Now you have a dedicated Clear line. This means you scan fingerprints only and don’t even show anyone your documents, other than boarding card. So you could actually travel with no ID, as long as  the departing and arrival airport has cleared. BUT DON’T DO THIS.

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