The Most Welcoming Countries

When we travel its nice to be warmly welcomed in our destination. We all like to think that the locals actually want us here. That’s important for a vacation or short business trip but even more so if you’re and expat and looking at living abroad. So we were very interested to see this study on the most welcoming countries.

The survey released by InterNations, a global network for people who live and work abroad was done by polling its membership, hailing from over 180 countries, to find out which countries are the most welcoming to expats and travelers.

The results hold some surprises. We don’t normally think of Bahrain as being open or inviting but it does rely heavily on foreigners to make up his labor force and provide management services so we think its ranking may be a bit skewed towards expat living versus travel. But the rest of the top 10 countries are renowned for being friendly.

On this map the countries in yellow are the most welcoming counties whereas the countries in blue are least welcoming

And in case you’re keeping score here’s the complete list.

Here are the Most Welcoming Countries

1  Portugal

2  Taiwan

3  Mexico

4  Cambodia

5  Bahrain

6  Costa Rica

7  Oman

8  Colombia

9 Vietnam

10 Canada

11 Philippines

12 Peru

13 Ecuador

14 Brazil

15 UAE

16 Uganda

17 Spain

18 Myanmar

19 Romania

20 Thailand

21 Indonesia

22 Malaysia

23 Cyprus

24 Israel

25 Malta

26 Argentina

27 Kenya

28 Kazakhstan

29 Turkey

30 Ireland

31 New Zealand

32 Greece

Here are the Least Welcoming Countries 

33 Nigeria

34 India

35 Netherlands

36 USA

37 Australia

38 Hong Kong

39 Luxembourg

40 Singapore

41 Italy

42 South Korea

43 China

44 Japan

45 Ukraine

46 Panama

47 Germany

48 Norway

49 Chile

50 Belgium

51 Sweden

52 Russia

53 Qatar

54 Poland

55 France

56 United Kingdom

57 South Africa

58 Hungary

59 Saudi Arabia

60 Denmark

61 Finland

62 Czech Republic

63 Switzerland

64 Austria

65 Kuwait


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