Some Of The Best Countries To Settle In

A lot of us are thrill seekers: looking to experience everything life has to offer, moving away on our own volition, and sometimes we even sell up everything we have to become permanent travellers. Sounds exciting doesn’t it! However, a lot of us need a gentle welcome into that kind of lifestyle, and thus we need an insight into where we should go abroad, which can help tailor our wants and expectations for travelling. If you like to know you have a safe base to go back to when it comes to travelling, and home just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, there’s a few countries that have some good residency opportunities. Here’s a couple of recommendations.


Back in 2015, Norway was ranked the best place to live in the world, and quite a good few factors went towards that. Things such as crime rate, wages, and the amount of health care available makes it an incredibly place to live.

Norway has some of the best education chances and educated people in the world, and has a rich and long history behind its culture. So if you like the historical side of things, there’s plenty to explore in Norway. Similarly, it’s geographical location means it’s right next to Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and Denmark, if you fancy a weekend away or a lovely day trip at short notice.

You can be guaranteed to catch some great sights as well, with plenty of landscaping on show in such a Northern country. The water is clean and fresh, and there’s painting opportunities in abundance.


It’s been found that people living in Singapore have a longer life expectancy than quite a lot of the rest of the world, and thus if you need more of a guarantee to try and live out your twilight years in comfort and style, try a stint in Singapore. It might seem like an expensive place to settle down in, yet there’s a lot on offer.

For example, there’s plenty of training for a whole number of careers on offer, especially in the medical field. If you like the idea of studying and living abroad, and have big ambitions for yourself, this kind of opportunity would be perfect for you.

Yet, when it comes to trying to be a permanent resident, it can be quite hard to be accepted. That’s where Singapore immigration solutions comes in, as they can help make sure your application is top notch and on the side of the government.


There’s a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t live in Australia, most of them being the bugs and heat, however there’s plenty more why you should give it a try!

The housing alone is worth the trip, as they’re big places, well ventilated with their own air conditioning, and living a beach lifestyle is a lot easier as a result. Living in a huge abundance of natural ecosystems will give you a much more relaxed lifestyle, and helps enrich your employment choices.  


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