The Insider’s Guide To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best tools in your job or new client search arsenal. It has grown from a simple professional networking website to an all-inclusive online platform that allows you to build a strong personal brand. With LinkedIn, you can not only connect with professionals in your industry, but also create and promote your business, reach out to potential clients or employers and even source job opportunities.

The best way to meet new people on LinkedIn is to follow friends of friends and consistently publish smart content. It is a fact that the more you connect with new people, the higher your chances of finding a job or new clients. Plus, the more you engage with this network, the more chances you have to get in touch with people that could help you get your dream job or help you advance in your current job.

How to publish the right content on LinkedIn

There are different ways to reach new people on LinkedIn. One of the most effective is to post content that is related to your industry and that will attract a large number of readers. This way, you will be able to create a strong personal brand and establish a reputation for yourself.

While publishing content is one of the most effective ways to get new connections, there are other actions that you can take before and after publishing content.

Here are some tips:

1. Always put yourself in the shoes of your reader. Write to engage your reader, not to impress him/her.

2. Create headlines that will speak to your target audience and make them curious about what you have written in your post.

3. Respond to the comments on your posts.

4. Reply to the private messages and emails you receive on LinkedIn.

5. Use LinkedIn groups to meet new people with similar interests.

6. Invite your connections to connect with your personal network.

7. If you have a blog, share your posts on LinkedIn.

8. Participate in discussions on LinkedIn groups, in order to increase your visibility and build relationships with other group members.

9. Add a short description about yourself in your LinkedIn profile. This description should include relevant keywords that will help people find you via search engines or via LinkedIn’s search engine, when they are looking for someone with specific skills or experience.

10. LinkedIn Mobile

LinkedIn mobile apps are available for Apple and Android users, as well as for Windows Phone users. You can download them from the app stores on these devices.

Both the iPhone and Android apps allow you to manage your connections, your profile, and your news feed from your mobile device, so it’s good for those on the go.

11. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are forums where professionals exchange ideas and share best practices related to their fields of expertise. The LinkedIn Groups homepage has a list of the most popular groups in each category and a list of new groups.