The Death of the Selfie


Stop the press! The future of the ‘selfie’ and the ‘selfie’ stick is under attack.

It has rapidly become the preferred way to remember and document holidays around the world – taking a picture of yourself, know as the ‘selfie’ and plastering it on social media for family and friends to admire (or hate).

And it was only a few months ago, the enabler; the ‘selfie stick’, was the hottest gift for a loved one at Christmas.

The ‘selfie’ has taken over social media, so much so it has come to the point that we sheepishly decline the kind offer by a bystander to take your photo.

But a war on the ‘selfie’ craze may be on the horizon as several places around the world are taking a firm action on the narcissistic craze.

So what does this mean for travellers?

Just like cultural sensitivity, tourists will need to start developing a ‘selfie sense’.

Safety and respect are the two main reasons venues are banning the photo. Take into account where you are and what the laws and practices are. If you wouldn’t take a normal photo, a ‘selfie’ is probably not a good idea either.

Last year a man was fined $3500 for taking a ‘selfie’ as he ran through the streets of Pamplona during the festival of Running with Bulls. This attempt was deemed the most dangerous ‘selfie’ of all time.

A beach in France has banned what was coined the ‘braggie’, a notion that goes hand in hand with the ego-boosting picture. Garoupe, in the South of France, is cracking down in an attempt to get people back to the point where they enjoy the moment, in the moment.

In my opinion, as long as we have smartphones, the death of the ‘selfie’ is far from near.

Steph_profHerstory is a weekly column on women and travel by Steph Ridhalgh. Steph is a Sydney born; New York based television producer and travel blogger. Not one for being quiet for too long she simply loves talking about travel and lifestyle.

Steph is the founder of STEP(h) ABROAD, a travel and lifestyle resource for those who love to be in the know and know how.

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