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Luggage is about to get a kick in the butt


Suitcases really haven’t changed much over time. Well at least not until now. But finally we have a new breed of smart luggage which will actually address our modern-day needs.

I need one of these. I have to have one of these.

I am talking about the new zipper-less, high-tech luggage called Trunkster.

As someone who thinks they are an awesome packer but really just struggle for what to bring on vacation so therefore over pack, this suitcase I feel will some how magically changed my ways…appropriately hopefully. Plus I have always wanted to open my luggage like a garage door.

Introducing the Trunkstertrunkster – the world’s first smart suitcase. Goodbye zippers and flipping one side open so everything falls out. This case has a roll top door that opens the case in one swift motion. My favorite part is the built-in scale and the removable power bank so you can charge your devices anywhere you go – anywhere!

But the real selling point is the extra option of GPS! No more waiting at the carousel wondering if you are going to be the unlucky passenger that gets told all their precious belongs are in Aruba and they aren’t coming back any time soon. Connected to a mobile device, the luggage can then be tracked similarly to the way Apple can ‘”Find my Mac”.


The creators of the smart luggage went down the route of a Kickstarter campaign and judging by the response, it is the invention that travellers everywhere have been waiting for. In just three days into their 59-day funding period they passed their initial goal to raise $500,000 and instead raised over a million dollars by the end of three months.

While I think all the features are fantastic I feel the larger sized piece of luggage that is checked would benefit from the built in scale and GPS tracking instead of the carry-on size. Whereas the power bank is necessary for the carry-on luggage.

It is true, luggage design has not kept up with modern-day travel needs and this is first off the rank to do so. I expect we will be seeing a lot smarter luggage in the near future.

When Trunkster hits the shelves in August 2015, the carry-on is expected to retail for $500 and the checked version will retail for $600.

How perfect! My birthday is in August. I did mention I needed one of these right?!

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