Start Slip Slidin’ Away In New York This Winter

When people talk about having a vacation or break in the Big Apple, they immediately have visions of shopping on Fifth Avenue, taking in the sights of Times Square and heading to the Hamptons for a beach break. It’s rare to hear about the skiing opportunities that are available in New York, but there are so many resorts available that you’d find it hard to choose between them all. New York is so much more than the city that doesn’t sleep. It’s so much more than a place of opportunity and business. In such a diverse place, you can find a vast array of activities to keep you busy this coming winter, but planning such a trip can take some time.

The ski resorts available in New York deliver everything you could want from a mountain vacation. People view skiing as an adrenaline fuelled break, and they are right in saying that. Skiing is all about control, passion and freedom to push your body to its sporting limits. However, a mountain escape vacation is about so much more than that. The peace you can find at an elevation in the snow is something you won’t find down in the city where the lights never go out. When the winter hits the city and pristine snow turns to slush, you know the time is right to book yourself a vacation in a Windham rental. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy the ice skating traditions and the snow in a crowded city – this is where the white, snow-tipped mountains are at their most attractive.

Even the most hardened worker needs to get away sometimes, and while a day trip can do the job, sometimes a week-long trip is exactly what is needed. Whether you are a seasoned snowboarder or a new visitor to the nursery slopes, you can find ski resorts that are well within driving distance to the city. These resorts are full of the promises of comfort, fun and a way to get rid of that built up tension from the working week. Check out the list below and make your own mind up – we think you’ll be adding these to your to-do list!

Hunter Mountain, Hunter: This is the Catskills destination to visit, with a huge array of winter sports available. With Hunter Mountain boasting the first six seater chairlift in New York, you can gather a group of friends to ski with you down any of the 56 snow covered trails. There is so much available here for snowboarders and skiers alike, whether new to the slopes or seasoned visitors. The weekends get busy (as well they should!) and yet there are other trails available you can follow. You can get there by many different bus routes from NYC, so don’t hesitate to go on an adventure, even if the car is out!

Camelback Mountain, Tannersville: Even the most experienced skiers among you will love it here. 34 trails for snow lovers to soar down and with Learn to Ski packages available for newbies, confidence is high! There are night skiing opportunities for those who want to experience something a little more extreme and you can travel in style on one of the many bus routes from Brooklyn and Manhattan. Read more about those here!

Windham Mountain, Windham: With fantastic resorts and ski lodges available for rental, you won’t be disappointed with a week away at these 49 trails. Night skiing on both expert and nursery slopes is available, and the free-riders among you will love any of the five terrain parks where you can practice your jumps like a pro. It’s a fantastic getaway destination for those who want to escape the city lights and get back into nature.

A winter skiing break should always be accompanied by three things: great equipment, good company and comfortable surroundings. There’s no need to fly halfway around the globe when some of the best, most comfortable ski resorts with excitement and fun are just a couple of hours bus ride away. You and your friends or family could make a week of your trip, enjoying the newly powdered mountain slopes and seeing the stars clearly at night time. Skiing down the mountain and then enjoying great food, drink and company is everything you need for a good time. Booking your winter break should happen now, so when the beach breaks in the Hamptons are over with, you have your next vacation to look forward to!


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