Checklist Essentials Before Traveling

You’re all set for that much needed holiday away, sunny shores and sandy beaches await you. But like many holiday makers before you get caught up in making new memories be sure to have these top things ticked before traveling. Getting caught and having to fork out money whilst abroad is everyone’s worst nightmare. Preparing helps save money, time and importantly the sun and sea time.

Being prepared for holiday mishaps can be saved and avoided by having a plan. Prioritize the important things that will save you panic at the airport as well as money.

Remember to get the best price on travel insurance for you. Sometimes overlooked you’ll be surprised how this can help you and your family in the worst situation. Travel insurance comparison is key to getting the best deal for you that cater your own individual needs.

Packing light is essential creating lists prevents from leaving crucial and leaving important items at home. Organize electronics and gadgets into zip lock bags, this separates cables from getting tangled in amongst clothes.

It’s also handy to organize your hand luggage in preparation for the worst. Luggage can go missing, make sure your important valuables are stored in hand luggage. It’s sensible to pack a light outfit if luggage is delayed or lost.

Although most things have gone electronic, airline companies now allow boarding passes sent to an app. Whilst this more convenient as it saves time, also allowing you to check in. However always be prepared for technology to sometimes let you down. Phones can die, websites can crash always have copies of documents.

Keep them important documents in a plastic wallet in order of use and separate from your passport. Remember to have a copy of your passport in the event you lose it. If you lose your passport whilst abroad not only do you lose money on the flight but the holiday you’ve worked hard to enjoy.

Be sure to pack the essential medical necessities, almost as if it was a small first aid kit. Paracetamol, cough drops, and plasters are the most frequently needed.  Don’t get caught at the airport where you will be ripped off with forgotten medical supplies.

Whilst creating memories be sure to take as many photos as possible. Most people worry about looking too much like a tourist, you will want to cherish these photos looking back. Memories with great photos are great for when you return home, you can create souvenirs or scrapbooks. It’s easy to get caught up being behind the camera too much, but remember to take the time to enjoy your surroundings too.

Take time to get to know the locals, this can be learning basic words in their language.There are plenty of travel sized books available for you to take with you. Attempting to learn some of their language shows respect to the locals and they’ll appreciate you trying.

Most importantly have a great time enjoying and exploring the holiday you worked hard to go on.