Shopping Around the World

“I love to shop.” This is an often used phrase to describe our seeming obsession with all things retail. Many think the current form of retail therapy is new but it actually isn’t. There is a long and storied history of markets and the merchant class all across the world.

The research from the World Cities Forum  on global cities with the most markets shows how important shopping has always been to various cultures. It’s no surprise that Istanbul, the city of the Grand Bazaar tops the list. However there are many great cities that make the list which may surprise you. For instance everyone knows Parisians love to shop, but did you expect Los Angeles to be in the top five cities with markets?

This list is handy for anyone who wants to travel while shopping around the world.

Cities With The Most Markets

City Figure
Istanbul 601
Paris 550
London 280
Los Angeles 263
Shanghai 262
Seoul 198
New York 144
Melbourne 133
Milan 130
Rome 127
Moscow 125
Shenzhen 124
Sydney 118
Singapore 107
Buenos Aires 104
Hong Kong 101
Amsterdam 95
Tokyo 87
Cape Town 58