How To Get Rid Of The Business Travel Blues

When you first get the “perk” of traveling on business it is the greatest thing about your job. You get to see the world and get paid nicely for it. However, business travel can get real old real quick. Hectic airports, crowded planes, delays, god awful jet lag, constant rushing; it’s enough to bounce up and down on anyone’s nerves.

That is why we spoke to seasoned business travelers, those who do more than five trips a month, and asked them what advice they can offer to those wanting to make their business trip become more, well, enjoyable. Here’s what they told us: 

A Day For Vay-Kay

Very quickly you’ll start noticing a pattern when it comes to flight prices and that staying at your destination until the Sunday tends to be the cheaper option, even when you factor in hotel costs. Next time you are booking have a look at Skyscanner, and tag an extra couple of days on somewhere if you have to. His way you can explore your destination a little more, see some friends, and relax. That’ll stop it being a strictly business trip and make it feel much more enjoyable.

No More Annoyances

So many of the negatives associated with business travel can be easily dealt with. It’s things like traveling as light as possible to save weight and get in and out of airports as fast as possible. Check-in ahead of arrival. Get yourself an amazing pair of headphones. Don’t let work go and book another cheap hotel by convincing them that staying somewhere nicer will help you perform better at your meetings. Give yourself more time than normal as well so that it isn’t just go-go-go all the time. Try and book early enough that you can reserve the seat over the wing to get more legroom.

Get Out And Eat

It becomes habit to stay in and eat in the hotel or order room service. Let’s say you land in Idaho. You leave the airport, check into the Quality Inn Sandpoint Hotel that you managed to convince work to book you and then you stay in your room and eat something generic you could eat anywhere. No. Go and enjoy yourself by doing a little foodie tour. See what Baxter’s On Cedar is like, try out Spud’s Waterfront Grill. Idaho may not seem like the place you want to explore, but these are often the places that throw up the most incredible experiences. The ones you least expect always are.

Dedicated Playlist

If you’re visiting a new place every week, or every other week, then why not get into the spirit of that place a little bit more with a playlist dedicated to that town or city. Every single place on earth has a vibrant music scene and by listening to them while on your way, way back, and during your stay, well, your mood will lift. You could even see if any of them are playing a gig while you’re there. Spontaneity kills the business travel blues.