5 Places In Florida You Need To See

Florida is a stunning place. It is one of the more diverse states in the USA and is the home to some incredible natural wonders, national parks, scientific areas of interest and a huge amount of culture. Visiting Florida is something you will want to make out a few weeks for, because there is so much for you to see and for you to do. Whether you are looking for adventure, a relaxing break by the beach, or a family friendly holiday: it is the perfect place to visit for the whole family.

You can find a list of airports in Florida and plan your trip- but make sure that you pack for every weather and every occasion, because once you’ve read our list of places to visit, you won’t be able to decide where to visit first!

1. Biscayne National Park

The first place we are going to talk about is Biscayne National Park. This is one of the most stunning places in Florida and is the home to a huge range of unique activities which you won’t be able to experience elsewhere.if you have never seen a coral reef, you will be able to here, and you can even experience history while underwater. You’ll be able to ride in a glass bottomed canoe, explore some exhibits indoors and even go for a spot of diving. This is a great place to teach you and the kids about life in the sea amongst fun activities.

2. Universal Studios Orlando

You will have heard of this place before, and it is one of the most famous movie studios in the world. They have been the people behind some of the greatest films of our time such as Back To The Future, Men in Black and many others. Over the years they have also been able to add attractions from franchises such as Harry Potter and The Incredible Hulk. it features plenty of film-themed, rides, activities and restaurants.

3. Disney World

When most people think about a trip to Florida, or even just America- one of the first things they think of is Disney World. The bigger of the two parks in the world, Disney World Orlando is one of the most popular attractions in the world. It is the place where magic happens and children are able to meet their favourite disney characters up close. It can be a costly affair, but it is definitely a place you want to visit at least once in your lifetime.

4. Everglades National Park

If you don’t want to be amongst the hustle and bustle of Disney world or Universal studios, you can opt for a most wild option. Everglades National Park covers 1.5 million acres and is the third largest park in the USA. It is the perfect place to go if you love to go on adventures in the wild and immerse yourself in nature. This place isn’t only great for providing a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. It is also a place which is recognised for providing a safe habitat for many endangered species of animal such as the Florida Panther and Leatherback Turtle. A unique place for wildlife and humans alike, it is definitely somewhere you would want to put on your bucket list if you decided the visit this state for a while. And if just walking isn’t your thing, the people at the park also offer some fun outdoor activities to keep you busy, including camping for all ages.

5. The Kennedy Space Center

If you or your children have ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut and flying into space, the kennedy space center is the ultimate place for you to visit whilst you stay in Florida. The Kennedy Space Center is the place which the USA uses as it’s launchpad for every space exhibition, and has done since 1968. You will even be able to listen to a talk from a veteran Astronaut every single day. The center is where NASA engineers work on rockets and you can even take part in a shuttle simulation where you see what it is really like to be launched into space in a rocket. This is the perfect place to visit for science enthusiasts, families and children alike. Learn about how we managed to chart our way into the stars and how we are reaching further into the universe every single day. It is definitely a place which is worth visiting if you ever find yourself in Florida.

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