Insider’s Guide: How to Plan an Affordable Vacation That You’ll Never Forget

Summer is here, and it’s the most popular time of year for vacationing! This year, why not plan the best vacation ever? However, before doing so, you must know how to plan accordingly. Fun, safety and health are all key factors to consider while planning your trip. Also, you want to stay within your budget, right? To help, we are sharing the best winter getaway guide, including tips on how to plan and pack for an affordable vacation.

10 Tips for Planning an Affordable Vacation That You’ll Never Forget

  1. Plan Early

Begin to plan your vacation as early in the year as possible. Traveling is extremely popular right now and waiting to book and plan your events can only lead to a last-minute headache. Furthermore, it seems that if you wait to book a place to stay or even a flight, you may pay higher prices. It’s best to start looking early for the best deals.

  1. Consider Peak Season and Non-peak Season

Starting to plan early also allows you to consider when you would like to take your vacation. What’s important to consider is pricing during the peak season and the non-peak season.

If you know your destination and where you want to stay, look at what they consider to be peak season. Peak season for most resorts, campgrounds, and even hotels and motels usually cost considerably more than staying during the non-peak season.

Peak season can be anywhere from mid-June through mid-August. However, these dates can vary, so call or check the pricing on their website. Also, consider that popular tourist areas and attractions will be much busier during peak season. This means more lines, more swimmers, more campers, etc.

  1. Include the Entire Family with Planning

If you don’t include the entire family when planning your trip, you might end up with an uncooperative family member. This can put a damper on your travels. Instead, make sure that everyone who is attending is on board. Allow input of the entire group on destination, travel and planning events. Also, make sure the itinerary includes events or stops for each member. In other words, make sure everyone is accommodated in some way or another.

  1. Price Flights Often

Search, search… and search! Do your research on various airlines, as well. Look for deals. If you start looking early, you can learn about airline pricing trends, as well.

However, when searching for flights online, clear your browser often or start a new search each time. This is because the rates can change so fast. You might leave the browser window open to consider a price for a bit, but when you finally click to book, you will see that the price went up.

  1. Map Your Itinerary

For longer trips that may have several stops or layovers, chart or map your itinerary. For road trips, map several routes, in case of traffic or road closures. Also, chart each stop you want to make and know your way back to the highway. Mapping your way beforehand will save you time while on the trip, giving you more time to enjoy the scenery and your family.

  1. Stay Hydrated & Keep Your Cool

Pack plenty of bottled water for your trip. This is especially important when traveling in a car. No matter how you travel, it can get hot during the summer months, and it’s extremely important to stay hydrated. Pack snacks, as well. Hungry people are grumpy people! It’s also crucial to keep cool during your travels. Long days of walking around in the sun can be exhausting. Be sure to pack lightweight, white t shirts and other light-colored clothing for the entire family, this will help keep everyone cool!

  1. Get Your Sleep

Before you head off on the best vacation ever, get your beauty sleep! Studies have shown that sleep is crucial to overall happiness. And, don’t forget about safety! Being well rested will allow all your senses to function as they should, at their highest settings. It is especially important to stay sharp while driving. Moreover, get your rest while on vacation. Getting eight hours per night will allow for happier and more productive days.

  1. Let Some Things Slide

Planning the perfect itinerary always sounds great on paper. However, when you are traveling to your destination or even once you’re at your destination, things might go astray. Don’t get too upset by this. In fact, going with the flow and adventuring can be lots of fun. Use your itinerary as a guide but allow for things to “just happen.”

Also, be easier on the kids while traveling. Maybe you have a one-hour screen time rule for your children. It might be okay to allow extra screen time while traveling just to keep them busy. Then, you can enjoy the scenery and won’t have to hear, “are we there yet?” one hundred times!

You should also allow for more treats or a later bedtime in some cases. We are not saying you should allow your kids to run amuck and do whatever they want. Just realize you are not following your normal, at-home routines, and flexibility can go a long way! Take a sip of your favorite beverage and let things go!

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