Americans Are Ready to Travel

More Americans will pack their bags for a summer vacation this year, but most are keeping their trips short, according to a new national survey from Discover. The survey found 71 percent of consumers plan to take a vacation this summer (from May through September), compared to just 58 percent in 2018. Americans are ready to travel this summer.

The survey found that most consumers plan to take micro vacations (shorter trips of one to three days) this summer. Fifty-five percent of respondents said their summer trips will last one to three days, compared to 21 percent who said four to six days, 12 percent who said one week, 6 percent who said 8 to 13 days and 5 percent who said their trip will last two weeks or more.

In addition, consumers are planning their summer vacations with relatively shorter notice. Forty-six percent of respondents said they plan their trips three months or less in advance, compared to 26 percent who said four to six months, 11 percent who said seven to nine months, 10 percent who said 10 to 12 months and 8 percent who said more than one year in advance.

Younger Generations Travel Differently

While more consumers plan to travel overall, younger generations are more likely to take a vacation this summer than older generations, as 77 percent of Gen Z and 76 percent of millennials are planning summer trips, compared to 67 percent of baby boomers and 60 percent of the Silent Generation.

When it comes to accommodations, younger generations, 21 percent of Gen Z and 16 percent of millennials, are more open to staying in home rentals compared to other generations, 8 percent of baby boomers and 5 percent of the Silent Generation.

Younger generations also have different priorities about what they want most out of their vacations. Twenty-five percent of Gen Z and 25 percent of millennials are looking to spend time with their friends and family, while 41 percent of baby boomers want to relax on their trips.

Of the things listed below,
what do you want MOST when it
comes to your vacation?
      Age Groups
      Total     Gen Z     Millennials     Gen X     Boomers     Silent
Relaxation       34%     18%     28%     39%     41%     34%
Adventure       10%     17%     14%     10%     6%     5%

To explore a new

      20%     24%     22%     18%     18%     19%
An exciting nightlife       3%     4%     5%     3%     1%     1%
Practice your passion
(e.g., photography, yoga, etc.)
      3%     5%     4%     3%     2%     1%
A volunteer/social purpose       2%     8%     2%     2%     0%    
Spend time with friends/family       28%     25%     25%     26%     31%     40%


Younger consumers are also most likely to splurge on activities while on vacation (36 percent of millennials and 30 percent of Gen Z), whereas older consumers said they would rather splurge on food and dining (43 percent of the Silent Generation and 37 percent of baby boomers).