Vacation Disasters That Make Us Facepalm!

Vacations are all about sipping cocktails by the pool, going for long relaxing strolls on the beach and generally letting the worries of everyday life melt into the background for a while, right? Well, that’s what they are meant to be like, but it isn’t guaranteed, and there are plenty of issues you can come across while you are away that can put a serious cramp in things. Read on to find out what the are and how you can deal with them quickly and efficiently, so they don’t ruin your whole vacation.

Go to the wrong airport

We’ve all seen Friends and how easy it is to confuse which airport you are flying from and to. Unfortunately, with many cities have three or more to choose from it can be very easy to get this wrong and end up missing your flight.

Avoid this issue altogether by checking the tickets thoroughly once you have booked. Although if you do yourself at the wrong airport the best thing you can go online and check if your flight is delayed. If so you may just be able to jump in a cab and head over to the right one before check-in finishes.

Your luggage goes missing

Yes, it’s every traveler worst nightmare, but thousands of suitcase go missing all over the world every day. Even though you have probably spent ages packing and shopping for a vacation wardrobe, there isn’t much to do here except embrace the situation. Be an optimist and use it as a chance to visit the closest city while you go out and buy some new stuff.

Just make sure that you have insurance so you can claim for the new item you need, then you won’t end up being out of pocket because you have to pay for a second lot of holiday clothes.

Take a tumble on the beach

Beaches can be fun for sunbathing, swimming, and sports. However, they can also be dangerous places, and it is quite common to take a tumble, cut your feet on broken glass, or sustain an injury through equipment that hasn’t been maintained properly.

Obviously, it is vital that you are sensible and watch out for any dangers, but if you have had an accident while swimming, walking, or sunbathing then speaking to a beach injury attorney can be very helpful. This is because they will be able to assess your case, and possible gain you compensation for the suffering you have endured. Something that can be put towards any medical costs that you have incurred during your break.

Beaches can hold danger as well as fun.

Have an argument as soon you get there

Vacation are funny things. They are all about relaxing, yet we spend long periods of time with our nearest and dearest in much smaller spaces, with nothing much to do. This can be a brewing pot for any issues to bubble up to the surface.

If you find yourself arguing with, or being annoyed by your other half on vacation, try taking some time for yourself. Go back to the room for a to read, or treat yourself to massage. Then you get a break, and hopefully, some perspective that will allow you to return feeling calmer and more able to cope with the situation.