How to Plan the Perfect Girls’ Getaway Weekend

We all need to get away from everyday stress, and a girls’ weekend is the best escape. With all the getaway options available today, it’s easy to organize a perfect girls’ getaway weekend with the girls. Here are some tips and tricks to help the process go smoothly.

  • Plan Ahead

An impromptu trip may sound exciting but, unless money is not a concern—and, if we are being honest, it always is—that last-minute trip can put you in some serious financial strain. Typically, flights and hotels are affordable if you book them three to four months beforehand. Remember, the sooner you start planning, the better. Keep track of deals and prices during different days and times to get the best deal. Sometimes prices drop late in the evening and on Tuesdays.

  • Separate Responsibilities

Try not to leave planning up to the one organized friend of the group. Assign equal tasks to everyone, depending on their strengths. No matter what the task, just make sure no one is left feeling like she is doing everything or that she has been left out of the planning process.

  • Use Flexible Dates

This one might be a challenge to those of us with kids or who work weekends, but searching with specific dates in mind can save you some serious cash. Also, avoid holiday weekends unless cash and crowds aren’t an issue.

  • Keep It Small

Weekend getaways with 10 or more friends may look fabulous on Instagram but, in real life, they can be a headache. Everyone has different agendas and vacation preferences, so keep it to a small group of close friends to avoid disagreements or group separations.

  • Pick a Central Location

If everyone is from different locations, choose to have your girls’ getaway weekend somewhere in the middle. There will always be one person who needs to travel the farthest, so be considerate.

  • Discuss What Type of Getaway You Want

There are so many options to choose from when planning a getaway—from spa trips to hiking adventures, everyone has their preferences. Sit down with your friends and figure out exactly what type of trip is preferred. If someone wants a more active getaway, see if you can compromise by throwing in a short hike or group fitness class before lounging around by the beach.

  • Decide on Accommodation

Maybe someone’s partner snores, and they are desperately in need of a weekend sleeping alone or want to save some cash by doubling up. Either way, decide sleeping arrangements within the group before looking for accommodations. Your friends may have different standards when it comes to hotels, renting an Airbnb, or noise levels. Discuss this beforehand and find a place that fits everyone’s needs and tastes.

  • Be Clear on Budget

It is easy to get carried away on vacation spending, especially when traveling with others. Plan out with your friends ahead of time what you can and cannot afford. Being honest is extremely important to avoid conflicts and financial distress.

  • Choose Restaurants Beforehand

We all know how challenging it can be to choose where to eat with just your significant other. Add in a few other people to the mix, and it can seem impossible. Avoid the pre-meal drama with hungry friends. Decide on restaurants and reserve places before embarking on your journey. This will guarantee everyone’s dietary needs are fulfilled, and that stress levels remain low.

  • Avoid the Hangover

Pack a hangover survival kit with Advil, water, sunglasses, and seltzer. Make sure your friends are drinking lots of water throughout the trip to avoid any hangovers in the first place—and some embarrassing drunken situations!

  • Plan a Group Activity

Sitting in the sun all day sounds wonderful, but isn’t the point of a girls’ getaway to bond with your closest friends? Add in at least one fun group activity to spark conversation and learn new things about your closest friends. Some fun group activities include:

  • Painting or crafting classes
  • Group fitness classes
  • Museums and historical monuments
  • Wine tasting
  • Cooking classes
  • Attending a festival, concert, or show

Local college websites often contain helpful information on museums and tours. Search  resources like Google, Facebook, and Instagram to get ideas of fun things to do in the area.

  • Avoid Over-Planning

Overbooking your weekend leads to disappointment and stress. Try to plan plenty of time for each activity to avoid feeling rushed. Some friends may take longer to get ready, walk slower, or enjoy taking midday naps on vacation. These things all lead to added delays if not accounted for, so leave extra time between activities and expect some delays.

  • Do Not Be Afraid to Branch Away

There usually comes a time during a vacation when you just want to be alone, so do not be afraid to say you want to separate for a little while. If they really are good friends, they will know how hectic life is and understand your request. Do some sightseeing on your own. If you are dying to go to a museum, but everyone else wants to get massages instead, let them know you will meet back up with them later.

  • Pack Only the Necessities

Pack interchangeable clothes, like a casual tee which can easily be dressed up with fancy bottoms and accessories or worn with shorts and sneakers for sightseeing. Shoes tend to be the bulkiest items in your suitcase, so only pack one pair for during the day and one for the night. Pack essential beauty products like sunscreen.

  • Make Matching Shirts for the Trip

A great way to bond before or during your getaway is to purchase bulk t shirts from a wholesale store and customize them for your trip. You can do anything you like, and it is just another excuse to spend more time with your favorite people. Try this awesome festival design DIY t-shirt,which is perfect for walking on the boardwalk, a casual afternoon of sightseeing, or hanging out in a local café sipping iced coffee—a nd, of course, a concert or festival. 

  • Make Vacation Planning into Additional Girls’ Time

If you have time, set up a few meetings with friends in person before the trip. Discuss details and concerns among the group over brunch or dinner and make the meetings mini getaways before the trip. Have fun! If something does not go as planned, let it go, be spontaneous, and improvise a new plan with your friends. Some of the best adventures are the unexpected ones.

About the Writer

Brenda Kimble is a writer and travel blogger from Austin, TX. She is also a mother of 2 daughters and a son. Her life’s journey has taken her to 5 continents, 25+ countries, and all 50 United States. When she is not traveling, she is typically doing yoga, crafting with her kids, or writing for The Talkin’ T-Shirts Blog, where she is a frequent contributor. 

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