Hotel Pet Peeves

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a romantic getaway and finding that the hotel you booked doesn’t have that special ‘something’ to make for a perfect experience. Even if the hotel is perfectly located and the room is spotless, you’ll still feel let down if it doesn’t have that little something that makes it feel like home or makes its feel so special that it’s a true luxurious break.

In some ways, it’s difficult to articulate what exactly makes a hotel room feel right, but there are several elements that help to make a hotel stay great or just adequate. It’s often got a lot to do with price, amenities, service and that certain je ne sais quoi.

In this article, we’ll talk about hotel pet peeves, how to fix those pet peeves, and tell you how to make your hotel room feel more like home.

What are the top hotel pet peeves?

There are so many different types of hotels, but the biggest factor that differentiates one hotel from another is the type of guest traffic it attracts. There are many different types of travelers, so it’s worth it to know what type of traveler you’ll be staying with.

Here are some of the most common hotel pet peeves and how to fix them.

The room isn’t as described: One of the biggest issues we hear about concern in-room amenities. Some websites make rooms look like they are well-designed curated bastions of zen, yet in reality they may be dark, dank and tiny. The only way to fix this is to do research before you go. If you do think you’ve been given a sub-par room ask to speak with the Front Desk Manager and ask to be changed or upgraded.

The breakfast is not included in the price of the room: Many hotels charge extra for breakfast, and this can be a major reason people book a hotel room. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are aware of all the hotel amenities before you book your room. You should know what’s included and what’s not in your room rate. It also helps if you have elite status with one of the many chains as breakfast is often a free perk thrown in for their best customers.

The Wi-Fi is too expensive: This can be a difficult problem to solve. Wi-Fi is now a commodity and doesn’t cost a property much to provide. The only solution is to have a good data plan on your phone and use it as a hotspot.

The room is noisy: Thin walls, being too close to the elevators or on a low floor overlooking a busy street definitely can be an issue. Often we make notes in the booking to ask for a high room or a quiet one. You could try asking the hotel to switch with you, but again that will depend on how full hey are and how accommodating they want to be.

The room lacks basic things: We get many complaints from frequent travelers that they hotel rooms lack enough outlets to charge their devices, they are dark and need more light, there is no desk to work at, or they’re missing even more basic things like hooks or bathtubs, as these days many hotels are opting fo showers over soakers. The way to fix this, is to do research in advance or bring an extension cord in the case of a lack of outlets. For the rest, you’re on your own.

How can you make your hotel room feel more like home?

The reality is many people travel to get away, but they end up not liking a hotel room because it doesn’t feel like home. If this happens to you, we have some solutions.. This part of the article will teach you how to make your hotel room feel more like home.

  • Bring your own bathroom essentials
  • Keep the room stocked with your favorite snacks
  • Bring some family photos with you 
  • Go for a bubble bath (if your room has one) 
  • Turn on some familiar music
  • Get out of the hotel and explore the local area.

You can definitely make your hotel room feel more like home if you follow these tips.

Wrapping up: What is the best way to make your hotel room more comfortable?

Despite all the different elements discussed in this article, the best way to make your hotel room feel like home is often just by getting out of the hotel.

If you’re able to go to a different area of the city or even take a short walk outside of the hotel, you will start to notice just how much better things feel when you get away from the hotel. Trust us this works.