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“FLYING REMAINS SAFEST WAY TO TRAVEL”: IATA This is worth repeating over and over again if you’re a nervous flyer.

2014 made for a scary year in flying and 2015 isn’t doing much better.

Major crashes aside, officials’ say it’s still really safe to fly.

Being a journalist, you are often desensitized to the horror and mess this world often faces. Reporting on it day in and day out, the natural reaction of shock and dismay becomes less and less.

After yet another major aircraft story, my radar finally started beeping, telling me it was time to take in the enormity of it all.

For someone who does not have a fear of flying and in fact welcomes it, can only imagine the levels of anxiety for those that do have a fear, on the back of the news of Germanwings flight 9525.

But the International Air Transport Association has weighted in assuring passengers that flying is still the safest form of transport.

In the aftermath of the Germanwings crash, numerous airlines across the globe instated new policies regarding cockpit access, which IATA said was a “proactive approach” characteristic of the industry as safety remains “top of its priority list”.

Somehow I think these comments, don’t really mean much to those boarding flights in the near future.

Around the world, people are feeling skittish about flying internationally as they line up to board next to newsstands with papers covered in airplane debris and grisly headlines.

But what can we do as travellers?

Worried travellers can check the safety of the airline on resources such as Air Transport Rating and, which assess the safety records and rank airlines.

A more recognized group the International Air Transport Association, which limits membership to airlines that have passed a safety audit.

And keep in mind that while the media paint a saturated picture of disasters in recent times, aviation safety data reveals air travel is by many measure the safest it has been in the history of aviation.

On any given day, approximately 100,000 commercial flights take off and land, the majority without incident, according to the International Air Transport Association. More than 3 billion people took to the skies last year, with only 210 fatalities.

And if that doesn’t make you feel better, check out this mind-boggling website Flightradar24 that shows every plane in the air at any given moment as well as illustrating how unlikely it is yours will crash.

I know it’s hard but try not to fill up on bread. Some fancier places will often serve complimentary aperitif in addition to appetizers, entrees and desserts ordered.

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