Five of the Weirdest Restaurants in the World

Food tourism is huge, and in many instances tourism marketing groups are just catching up. If you aren’t growing and promoting your food tourism, well, many would say you’re just doing it wrong! And then there are those that are perhaps ahead of the curve. Those who look at the world of dining out on a different level, and have created dining experiences that are amusing, distressing and in some cases freaking out foodies of the world. Here are five of the weirdest restaurants in the world.

Heart Attack Grill

Las Vegas USA

This is one of those eating experiences where you must check your political correctness at the door.  A hospital-themed restaurant that’s filled to the brim with pretty and curvaceous waitresses scantily dressed as nurses, the Heart Attack Grill delivers your potential last meal with flair.

A high-calorie menu with calculatingly provocative names such as a “Triple ByPass Burger” and “Flat Liner Fries”, this is a restaurant that boasts “taste worth dying for”. The orders are called prescriptions and the restaurant is a big hit with people visiting from around the globe.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Taipei, Taiwan

A self-described “Poo Poo and Pee Pee” theme has driven the popularity of this unusual little diner through the roof.  Dishes are served in mini toilets and bed pans and poo emoji’s can be found everywhere. Many of the seats are toilets, beverages are served in mini urinals and yes, soft serve chocolate ice cream is consistently the joke of the moment.

HaoHai Robot restaurant

Harbin China

Surprisingly, this futuristic restaurant has been around since 2012, entertaining and serving customers with a variety of robots ranging in size from 1.3 to 1.6 meters. These hi-tech hosts have up to 10 facial expressions and can work for up to 5 hours on one battery charge.

Even the chefs are robots. With quite a variety of online reviews, the jury is still out on the quality of the food.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

A world of espionage, intrigue and eats lies behind an unassuming door.

Filled wall to wall with spy memorabilia and cultural references, this spy-themed gem has been around since 1966. Very family friendly, you need a password to get in, and upon entry, the interrogation is sooo not over. Apparently worth is as tourists and locals alike rave about the friendly service and great food. Pick up a kooky souvenir on your way out, as this is not just a meal but an event.

Kaidi Kitchen

Chennai India

We’d call it an arresting experience, but it’s actually a little further than that… it’s a convicted one. How do you feel about eating in a very realistic jail setting? Well, at Kaidi Kitchen, lock up is on the menu. “Kaidi” literally translate into “the prisoner” in Hindi, and that’s what diners are in this very authentic feeling jail themed restaurant. The menu is eclectic, inclusive of a modern take on Indian fare, and the reviews are good.

These are only five of the world’s weirdest restaurants. From dining in mine shafts to under schools of fish in the ocean, hanging from a crane in the sky or meeting and eating in the dark, weird dining experiences abound. And if you’re a true adventurer, you’ll find them.

We’d love to hear about the unusual places around the globe where YOU’VE dined!



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