How to hack the menu at In-N-Out Burger

It was as I was planning a road trip around Arizona, Utah and Nevada I realized something; I was about to see some of the most breathtaking naturally formed wonders of the world and yet, one of the things at the top of the list was to find the closest location and sink my teeth into a big fat juicy burger from the one and only In-N-Out Burger. And it gets better, along the way I also learned the dark arts; how to hack the menu at In-N-Out Burger.

For those who have only heard of this mouth-watering burger and not tried it, well firstly I feel bad for you, secondly, make your way some day soon to try one because you are missing out on one of Americas greatest creations.

The Californian based-burger joint adds to the west coast/east coast rumble and if we are being honest Shake Shack just isn’t shaking hard enough because the burgers at In-N-Out know what’s up.

And there is so much more to the four item menu, which includes a $1.95 cheeseburger. The not so secret menu delves way further into the options pass the regular hamburger, cheeseburger, fries and shakes.

The regular burger comes with lettuce, tomato, raw onion and thousand island spread. A cheeseburger comes with cheese and a double-double comes with two patties and two slices of cheese

In additional to amateur hour, if a double-double isn’t enough for you. You can add a third patty and cheese with the 3×3.

And if you are in beast mode or maybe eating for two the four x four comes with four patties and 4 slices of cheese

Don’t worry there is something for the herbivores; order a grilled cheese and you will be served a toasted In-N-Out bun with beautifully melted cheese

For the gluten free gym bunnies, protein style will drop the buns and serve the burger wrapped in lettuce to save the extra calories

And for the piece to resistance, animal style, it sounds dirty but is oh so right. Fries topped with cheese and chopped grilled onions, which is the best thing since sliced bread

So next time you are making your way towards the Hollywood sign, turn that car around and head straight for an In-N-Out Burger. As if you want to be running up Runyon Canyon with all those fit LA bodies anyway.

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