Experiences Matter Most

Travel is evolving, becoming more and more experiential. But, there are a wide variety of the types of travel experiences people seek. The recent Ipsos Affluent Survey uncovered six key types of affluent travelers and the attitudes, desires and expectations of each. Dubbed “Affluencers.” these influential consumers have spending power, category knowledge, a desire to try new products and services, and a drive to share their discoveries with their network.

According to the study, travelers’ focus has shifted from “going places” to “collecting experiences”. Today the travel category exists in a state of constant evolution driven by generational change, disruptive technologies, competition and social media. As in other categories, affluent influencers—particularly Millennials and Gen-Xers—continue to lead the way.

Here’s a look at who they are and what they like.


Fare Game

Expedia, Hipmunk, Travelocity, Kayak and it goes on and on and on…  In a crowded word of travel providers, online retailers and even scam emails ...