Don’t Go With The Flo: Alternative Things To Do In Florida

Most people going to Florida do so to visit the beaches and the theme parks. They may even take a trip to Kennedy Space Centre. However, these are just a handful of the weird and wonderful activities that Florida has to offer. If you’ve booked two weeks in the sunny state, why not make your holiday unique by trying some of these different activities.

Eat at a diner

Yes, there are diners all across the states. However, Florida is renowned for having some of the oldest and most traditional. Angel’s in Palatka claims to be the oldest in the country and it may well be – founded in 1932, it’s been serving up traditional greasy meals ever since. The diner is very small (it’s a converted railway cart) and almost always busy, so bear this in mind.

Take a fishing daytrip

Florida is renowned for its fresh seafood cuisine. Why not try and catch some of your own fresh fish off the peninsula? Fishermen such as Captain Don Chancey can take you out into the waters and let you experience a day out fishing whilst recounting old stories. For a true taste of Florida – and something a little interactive – this is sure to be a fun day.

Play with monkeys

Believe it or not, there are monkeys in Florida. Monkey Jungle has been running since the thirties and is a zoo with a difference – you are in the cage whilst the monkeys roam free around you. Monkey Jungle is located in Miami and spans a whopping 30 acres. It has many endangered monkeys, all of which are allowed to roam free whilst visitors are protected inside a wire mesh tunnel.

Go to church

Even if you’re not particularly religious, it’s worth visiting some of the quirky churches in Florida. Daytona Beach has one such church – a converted drive-in theatre, which is now a drive-in church. Meanwhile, located on Madeira beach you’ll find the equally quirky ‘Chicken Church’. This nickname comes from the fact that the church was accidentally built to resemble a chicken from the outside. Take a visit and see for yourself.

Hang out at the cemetery

A day at a cemetery may not sound fun, but Key West Cemetery is one with a difference. Many of the people buried here have incorporated a humorous touch into their gravestone epitaphs. There are also many stories behind the people buried here, which you can learn by taking a tour of the cemetery (did you know Sloppy Joe was a real person?)

Visit a castle

If you thought there weren’t any castles in America, think again. Florida has several. One is made entirely of aluminum, known as Solomon’s Castle. Meanwhile, there’s another small castle named Coral Castle in Homestead. Built by a Latvian named Edward Leedskalnin, this castle is made entirely of stone and even features its own stone throne, tables and a stone bathtub.