48 Hours In Hong Kong

There are lots of air routes that stop off in Hong Kong. While most people prefer to have a connecting flight with just a couple of hour’s layover, some people actually like to give themselves a day or two in the layover destination so that they can explore a bit. And Hong Kong is a great place to spend just 48 hours. Sure, it’s a vast metropolis, but you can get a good taste of Hong Kong in just 2 days. Here’s how you need to spend your 48 hours.

The First Morning

For your brief Hong Kong visit, you should book a room at Hotel Causeway Bay so you can be close to all the action. Drop off your bags and first explore the local Causeway Bay area. This is a great area for foodies, and you’ll find lots of trendy restaurants and traditional cafes to tempt your taste buds. It’s also where you’ll find the Tin Hau Temple, dedicated to the goddess of the sea.

The First Afternoon

You should grab some lunch at one of Hong Kong’s famous street food stands. Once you’ve filled up, head to the Victoria Park, which is also in Causeway Bay. This is the biggest public park in the whole of Hong Kong, so you can easily wile away a few hours strolling through this pretty green area! You will probably spot lots of locals practicing Tai Chi and jogging around the many paths. If you need a rest from all the walking, you’ll find plenty of benches next to ponds and fountains.

In The Evening

One of the best restaurants for an evening meal in Hong Kong has to be the internationally renowned Jumbo Kingdom restaurant. It’s mainly famous because it is the world’s largest floating restaurant, but the food is also fantastic too!

The Second Morning

After a hearty breakfast, it’s time to head to Victoria Harbor and catch a ride on the Star Ferry. There has been a ferry taking visitors around the harbour since 1888, and it is now considered a key attraction in Hong Kong. It is an exceptionally scenic boat ride and will give you a great view of some of the island’s famous skyscrapers.

The Second Afternoon

Once you get back on dry land, you should visit the Big Buddha. This huge statue is located on Lantau Island, just west of the city center. The easiest way to get to the island is on a gondola boat. Once you are right up close to the Buddha, you will see some impressive vistas of the South China Sea and North Lantau Country Park.

Your 48 hours in Hong Kong will certainly be very busy, and you don’t have to worry about ever feeling bored! So, next time you need to change flights in Hong Kong, how about seeing if you can push back the second leg of your journey. Then you can start planning a little detour so that you can leave the airport for a day or two and do some fun exploring!