Flight Check – Delta Airlines BusinessElite MSP-HKG via NRT


Minneapolis airport is normally a breeze to get through unless you travel on Christmas, Thanksgiving or during Spring Break. Yep Spring Break… honestly.

Delta Airlines has a First Class check in that is normally quite quick to pass through. Delta operates First Class domestically while their highest cabin class internationally is their BusinessElite product.

Security was fast and a dedicated line for First Class and other top tier passengers is available. Usually the TSA Pre✓™ line is also a quick jump through. As soon as you are through security the new renovated Delta Sky Club is mere feet away. I have known almost all the staff there for years as I have lived in Minneapolis now for a decade so a warm welcome is always at hand. I even know the Barman Jose, which I suppose is something that I should not admit to frequenting so often.

Delta, unlike other US carriers offers free drinks with premium drinks at a cost. The wines are ok but the premium wine for $14 is really great and they give you a proper big boy glass of it. The lounge is modern with lots of power outlets that are always appreciated. Snacks are just ranch and humus dips with some pretzels and for breakfast they have bagels and oatmeal. Not too much for healthy choices.

The flight was on time and the international gates are seconds away from the lounge and with proper Priority Boarding for BusinessElite I was on the plane in no time..

On board international flights Delta sports a 1-2-1 configuration on the Airbus A330. All international business class is lay flat 180 deg seats that go to a bed. Westin supply heavenly duvets with a big soft pillow which is a nice touch..

I recognized 2 of the flight attendant from another trip so I had a very friendly service. Prior to take off I had the sparkling wine. They called it champagne but that’s a mistake, it’s a terrible Asti. Champagne is a region in France, so please don’t call all sparkling wines Champagne. Now to rectify this, once we were in the air the real champagne popped open.

On the Narita route they have a Japanese option and it’s by far the best; great soup which they refill and sushi with real authentic hot Japanese dishes. The wines are nice and remember this is business class not first class so I was impressed with all of the options here.

The flight is long so there are snacks at hand all of the time. The arrival breakfast that consisted of eggs or a Japanese stir fry. It’s a fast quick service before landing.

Narita can get a little crazy in the Delta terminal as all of the US flights seem to arrive at the same time. You have to clear security and it can be a long queue so knowing this I ran off the plane and was the first through. I love the Sky Club at Narita as they offer proper food. US carriers don’t do this unless you travel first class but internationally it’s a different story. The lounge has sushi, salad, dim sum and rice, even Beef skewers. Beer is on tap with a draft machine whereby you place you glass and in true robotic-style it is tipped just right for dispensing. I could watch this all day however I was off to my Hong Kong flight just with enough time to sample to food and have a beer.

Arriving into HKIA with Delta means a quick train to immigration. This can also take time but luck was on my side and I sped through the formalities. After two flights the sights and smells of Hong Kong was right in front of me and I was energized to explore.

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