Day Off: Another Day in London (Part 2 of 2)

For many global road warriors business travel to London is a pleasant inevitability as it is a financial and business hub and a great entry point into the EU. It is also one of the world’s preeminent tourist destinations and so London’s streets are always packed. But don’t let the throngs of tourists distract you because every trip to London should be filled with as much sightseeing as possible. It is a beautiful city.

To help make your free time more efficient we present Part 2 of our Editor’s guide to London’s best places to explore; destinations that are just a wee bit off of the beaten path.

  • The Museum of Brands

Explore the history of consumer culture as seen through household products and shopping basket favorites. Located in Notting Hill, the museum showcases how well-loved brands grew with the creative use of packaging and advertising and how consumers evolved alongside. For anyone who loves Mad Men this is a must see.

  • Fuller’s Griffin Brewery

Tour the 350 year-old Chiswick brewery that produces the Iconic London Pride Ale. The tour offers a fun and informative look at the history and modernization of brewing techniques, along with ample opportunities to sample the product. Trust us you’ll be able to hoist a pint or two before leaving. Just be sure to book in advance as this is a popular tour and space is limited.

  • Spitalfields Market

Take an authentic English shopping break in this large indoor market of stalls jam-packed with books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, new-age products, food, clothing (new and second hand) and more. It is regularly voted the Best London Market. Its bustling shopping experience can’t be matched. The market is located near the Liverpool Street tube station.

  • Dennis Severs’ House

Located near Spitalfields Market the bizarre but fascinating Dennis Severs’ House offers some very interesting tours. This is the home of the late American Artist who used the premises for a strange living-art experience.  He lived here as if it was the early 18th century with no electricity and few comforts.  He even fashioned an imaginary family to join him in this former Huguenot silk weaver’s home.

“Whether you see it or you don’t, the house’s ten rooms harbor ten ‘spells’ that engage the visitor’s imagination in moods that dominated the periods between 1724 and 1914. Your senses are your guide.” – Dennis Sever

It is still a private home but in respect to the former inhabitant, the house is frequently opened to visitors. It is a fun distraction from modern London.

  • Dabbous Bar

Hang for drinks at this remarkably cool hidden gem! Located in Fitzrovia, Central London, you may be surprised to find this basement bar below the award-winning Dabbous Restaurant. An incredibly spacious, sophisticated bar with touches of New York’s East Village, this is a great spot for a cocktail or two. It is perfect for after work drinks with a cool, relaxing vibe.

Also be sure to check out the first part of this series, Day Off: One Day in London. And please leave comments below and let us know about your favorite destinations in London.