Après ski, Apropos of Nothing at All


Here’s how to enjoy a Ski Weekend Away, even when you don’t ski. Yes it can be done and it’s really cool (pardon the pun).

Sometimes the best thing about ski fields has nothing to do with being on the slopes. For many the better part of a snow filled holiday is the Après ski, plonked in front of the crackling fire with a ripened wine in hand and not moving for 48 hours.

Dressing the part

You don’t have to go all gnarly snowboarder get up but walking around in your city coat and leather boots may not cut it and leave you with wet socks. Switch out the wool coat for a puffy down jacket and instead of rain boots, try packing waterproof insulated possibly even fur lined snow boots.

Get amongst the nature

Being a ski field, outdoor activities are dime a dozen allowing you to make the most of the mountains. It always helps to become friends with the bellhops at the hotels; they usually know the coolest things to do as a local. Try something random like snowshoeing. It’s not as intense as cross-country skiing but you can still get away with not feeling guilty and drinking all that champagne after a long day on the slopes.

Or Snuggle up

Wrapped up in cashmere roasting by the fire or soaking in the hot tub will be the best spot on the mountain while the snow blizzard unravels around you. Alternatively you will be hard stretched to find a snow resort that doesn’t have Day Spa.

Go for the View

The ski lifts are not just there for the skiers. You can often ride the lifts or gondolas all the way to the top of the mountain for some of the most breathtaking scenes (good chance the breathtaking part is due to being at such a high altitude).

We all know how rigorous après ski can be so when you are dehydrated and stuck at the top of the mountain, you could always call on the local drone to deliver some bubbly. Forget BYOB, more like FYOB – Fly your own bottle.

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