WeChat Food Delivery Service is the Cure for Beijing Traffic

Since I placed a big group lunch order from Living BIGG last week for my office colleagues, we’ve since ordered twice more and one colleague went so far as to order 4 Power Box meals so that he could take them home and continue eating Living BIGG for the next 24 hours. I think our relationship with Living BIGG is off to a good start.

Here’s how it works – just add their Official WeChat Account – BIGG66, and you’ll find their logo is the image of “a jacked Mr. Shi” (phrase coined by my friend and colleague Ben Kalman) with 6-pack abs and BIGG written below his waistline. Super user-friendly, it’s a breeze to scroll through their menu options, click on what you want, place your order by submitting your delivery address and phone number and BOOM! You get a text to confirm your order and we had our meals delivered directly to our office within an hour of when we placed our order (though they guarantee within 90 minutes of placing your order).

“Living BIGG’s meals are prepared fresh daily with same-day purchased ingredients. Our beef is imported from Australia, our salmon is imported from Norway and all our vegetables and other ingredients are sourced from local farms and farmers markets.” – Living BIGG on offering CLEAN meals

Living BIGG: Chicken Protein Meat Balls (RMB 25)

Tough to Beat: RMB 25 for this Top-Rated Power Box

With most Western lunch spots in the nearby Sanlitun neighborhood selling salads and sandwiches for about RMB 50+ and Chinese options requiring more than 2 people to have a group lunch outing, Living BIGG filled our void to have a very affordable lunch option (RMB 25-30 per person) on busy workdays when you don’t have an hour to spare for lunch. Considering the Living BIGG concept was created by weight management and lifestyle consultants that focuses on healthy delivery meal options, this isn’t going to be gourmet or any sort of exquisite culinary experience, but it gets the job done leaving you feeling satisfied with this clean, balanced meal, feeling relatively full (it’s for weight management so portions won’t be massive) and pleased knowing that not everyone in Beijing is upping their prices to charge exorbitant amounts for what you know should be a fraction of the price.

When we first ordered Living BIGG last week, we were able to choose from 12 Power Box meals along with options for more protein (meat and seafood), carb (rice, sweet potato), and fiber (veggies). But only a day or two after we placed our first order, the extra options disappeared to only offer the 12 Power Boxes. And checking their WeChat site today, I now see that they offer 3 variations of these same 12 Power Boxes – one with brown rice, one with red sweet potato and and one with purple sweet potato. I have yet to try these colorful sweet potato options, but I’m sure they’re a great alternative to the brown rice staple.

Note that meals all come “flash frozen” meaning that they use a “Blast Chill process to bring meals to a safe 0-3 degrees once meals are cooked” to maintain the flavors, preserves the nutrients, vibrancy of colors and texture upon arrival while also killing any anaerobic bacteria and preventing food shrinkage.

Living BIGG: Delivery

Meals Arrive Flash Frozen – Heat in Microwave about 3-5 minutes

Living BIGG: Beef Protein Meat Balls (RMB 30)

BIGG’s logo was perfectly described as “a jacked Mr. Shi” (credit to Ben Kalman)

Living BIGG: Delivery

My order was probably one of the last that had the option for sides of Fiber

Living BIGG: Chicken Protein Meat Balls (RMB 25)

Chicken Protein Meat Balls (RMB 25)

Living BIGG: Beef Protein Meat Balls (RMB 30)

Beef Protein Meat Balls (RMB 30)

Living BIGG: Cashew Chicken (RMB 25)

Cashew Chicken (RMB 25)

Living BIGG: Sesame Glazed Salmon (RMB 30)

Sesame Glazed Salmon (RMB 30)

Living BIGG: B Goulash (RMB 30)

B Goulash (RMB 30)

Living BIGG: Beef & Shiitake (RMB 30)

Beef & Shiitake (RMB 30)

Living BIGG: Baby Cabbage (RMB 15)

Baby Cabbage (RMB 15)

My photo documentation above of our Living BIGG delivery meal experience will still include the side of baby cabbage that I ordered the first time because it was a great side to save for when your tummy starts rumbling mid-afternoon around the 3:30-4:30 mark. Remember, these meals are not massive to help you manage your weight loss so you’re not meant to stuff yourself in one meal but rather eat smaller meals at shorter intervals.

Big bonus is that delivery is fast, efficient and FREE. And it’s cash upon delivery, but I’m sure they offer other payment options if you ask. I was slightly hoping it would be the real-life “jacked Mr. Shi” who would deliver our lunch meals, but it was still a friendly face nonetheless.

To Order Living BIGG Delivery:

  • WeChat: BIGG66
  • Power Boxes: RMB 25-30
  • Delivery Times: 10:30AM-19:30PM (Closed on Sundays)
  • Delivery Range: Within 5km of Sanlitun
  • Tel: 010-5624 9689
  • Mobile: 182 1002 2779
  • Email: info@livingbigg.com

Living BIGG: Delivery


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