The Ultimate Bucket List Destination

Most people in the Going Global community have a number of bucket list destinations, but Antartica could be the ultimate one, as its remote difficult to get to, and unfortunately changing rapidly because of climate change.

Antarctica is an important destination. It’s remote, desolate and on the frontlines of climate change. It’s hard to get to and expensive but it is a life changing destination. And it’s an important reminder of the what we have to lose if we don’t take action. Those who go to Antarctica are changed, their eyes are opened wide and that’s precisely why you should go to Antartica.

Our world is interconnected and so the changes documented in Antarctica’s simple ecosystem foreshadow the effects of climate change on the more complex and complicated global bionetwork. Antarctica is our early warning system and the message is loud and clear. If climate change is affecting the ends of the earth then there will be a pronounced impact at its’ core. And that’s where the  7 billion people who inhabit planet earth call home. But it’s not too late.

If you have the White Continent on your ;its, you should start making plans now. We’ve been, it was amazing.

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